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Auto salesman exposed

Hunny he is so sweet, such a nice family man, can you believe how gutsy he was to go storming back into the sales managers office and fight for us to get us this great price on the very last car in inventory that we really wanted. And to sell it to us with out the dealership making any money on the deal. I mean we are so lucky, should we offer him a tip or invite him over for dinner?  Son-of-a-bitch i wanna stab myself in the eye with a pencil right about now. A scenario similar to this plays out across America on a daily basis. Back up ladies, take a deep breath, don’t get your panties all twisted and in a bunch. This conversation could be a man talking to a women or a woman talking to a man. What i need you all to do is to continue reading and to think.  SALE – SELL – SOLD – These are some of the most powerful and manipulated words in life!  Just about every moment of the day YOU are being sold something!! Check this out, this is how my mind works. You wake up and turn on the TV for the news. The power company is now selling you electricity to power the TV for profit. The news is selling you information for profit via commercials, the commercials are selling you products or idea’s, or a life style for profit. I could go no and on for ever. And I will in future post but for now let’s get back to the devil in carne our glorious knight in shining armor – THE AUTO SALESMAN. By definition this man or womans job is to sell you something for PROFIT! All salesman have an agenda. It is to make personal profit or advancement period!  They will do and say anything to make the sale, it is how they make a living. Shit believe and understand this and you will be better prepared not to get taken advantage of. check out this article, confessions of a car salesman http://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/news/industry/confessions-of-a-car-salesman-5681350?click=main_sr  Then let me BREAK IT DOWN for you with just 4 of the many things an auto salesman will not tell you and hope you don’t know. (1) ” I’m getting a secret incentive to push this car” Most dealer and manufacturer incentives aren’t hard to uncover. Rebates, low-interest rates and other inducements are often advertised or easily found with a little research on car sites such as Edmonds. What is much tougher to find out is how much is the DEALER CASH offered by the manufacturer. It is some where typically between $500 and $2,000 that manufacturers quietly make to the dealer so they can push their slow-moving models of cars. There is some thing else known as the HOLD BACK. This is a percentage of the cars sticker price, that the manufacturer pays to the dealership after the car is sold. Usually 2-3% Dealerships view holdbacks as pretty much untouchable,  Car dealers want this money and will fight tooth and nail not to give up or share any of this money with you.  The reason I am telling you about this is so you can see how much bull shit the salesman is giving you when he tells you they are not making any money on your deal. “Dealer cash, is another story. You can get some of this money as long as you can find out about it. I will share a little salesman trick with you now. always act like you already know and say it like this strong and confident. “HOW MUCH IS THE DEALER CASH ON THIS instead of ” Is there dealer cash on this?” Grow some ball’s damn it! and check several dealerships, you’ll probably get a good idea of the amount available. (2) “sticker shock is built into this deal”  Invoice pricing — what the dealership pays the manufacturer for a vehicle  is no longer a secret,  You can find invoice costs on a number of websites, Like TrueCar. What you need not forget is that there are additional costs that can add thousands of dollars to a car’s price — costs that can’t be negotiated away. Early in your negotiations, you should ask what these fees will add to the purchase price so that you can negotiate with those in mind. What you can do, though, is asked for a lower sales price to help offset these fees. And it may help to focus your negotiations on the “out the door” cost — the total price, including all required taxes and fees, that you have to pay to get the car. (3) “You will get a better deal from the internet department”  What people typically don’t understand is that the car buying is more transparent, and salespeople have more authority, in the dealerships’ Internet departments, You can take advantage of this setup. From the comfort of your home, you can solicit lowest-price quotes on a car from a bunch of dealerships at once. (4) “Knock yourself out negotiating a good price; I’ve got plenty of other ways to fuck you” Price is just one of the many moving parts of the typical car deal. Three other important factors are:

The add-ons — paint sealant, car alarms, rustproofing, gap insurance and so on — are huge profit centers for dealerships. For example, a dealership might charge $300 for “fabric protection” that you could do yourself in a few minutes with a $5 can of Scotchgard. Almost any add-on you can get a better deal if you shop it around outside the dealership.

Consumer Reports has long warned against buying extended warranties on most products, including cars, saying their expensive protection against unlikely repairs. But some buyers like the security of an added layer of assurance. Still, you may be able to get an extended warranty for a significant discount by shopping around.

You also should know the trade-in value of your current vehicle so you don’t get lowballed. Most car-comparison sites offer some kind of appraisal calculator; use a few different ones so you have a ballpark idea what your car is worth. If you want to get the maximum value for your car, you should sell it yourself, but you should compare the typical “private party” sale price to the trade-in value to decide if it’s worth the hassle.

If you aren’t paying cash for your car, you should know that dealerships routinely mark up the interest rates on the loans they get from their warehouse lending sources.To make sure you get the best deal, arrange a loan with your credit union or bank before you step onto the lot. If the dealership can give you a better deal, you can cancel the other loan. If not, you’ll at least have financing at a reasonable cost. “That great deal we advertised? You won’t get it.”

You typically have to have good to excellent credit to win those low-interest loans that dealers and manufacturers advertise. Exactly how good your credit needs to be varies by the deal and often isn’t disclosed in advance.

Equally elusive may be the base model of any car design. Manufacturers may tout the low cost of a new car, but chances are, they’re citing a stripped-down model that you’re unlikely to find at any dealership.

“The dealerships aren’t going to have the base model on the lot”. “That’s just a teaser to get you in the door.”

As always, the key to a smart car purchase is to do plenty of research before you ever talk to a car salesperson.

“The more prepared you are before you go shopping,”  “the better off you’re going to be.”


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STAY away i deserve better!

If you are a punk ass wanna-be man you won’t be able to watch this video in total.

If you are a women you have to see this video for its powerful statement.

If you are a true man you already know you will never put your partner thru this.

You have to watch, listen and feel this entire video! If not then go ahead and leave now to watch some stupid shit like idiot people falling down on some other site.

The reason this video is so amazing is because the artist is so able to convey the deep pain that a women feels when her heart is being ripped apart by a punk ass womanizing bitch of a man. I love it because it shows how strong a woman can be. It shows her at the end of the song how she has grown strong and come to terms that she deserves better. At the beginning she is telling him to stay home with her, not to leave, but by the end she is again telling him to stay – but this time she is saying – STAY with the other women I don’t need you, I deserve better, so go ahead and stay with her.


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W.T.F. Fourth Bureau Redux!

Part two of  W.T.F. a fourth bureau! Below you will find very informative links that will give you a lot of information. Go there get schooled. Don’t let the blood sucking, money whores like MIKE MONDELLI take advantage of you. His company L2C is one of the companies that are involved in the fourth bureau. Here is the link to L2C  http://www.l2cinc.com/ Here is how they spin what they do by using fancy language. I hate fuckers like this so pay some damn attention!

“L2C solutions use alternative, leading indicator data to inject insight, clarity and confidence into credit risk decisions across the consumer credit life-cycle”

This is what they are really saying!

Alternative = personal data that can be  considered  unreliable

Inject insight = sell your personal data for a profit

Consumer credit life-cycle = track all your personal shit without your knowledge or approval for the rest of your life. Fuck i hate companies like this that hide in the shadows.




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FATHER is what i am

In honor of FATHERS day I want to repost the letter I wrote to my first-born daughter way back in the 70″s. Some thing magical happened when I first held her in my arms. I can not explain it. I don’t know what happened but that 18-year-old boy from the south Bronx was changed for ever. I was shaking and emotional. She was the most AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL thing I had ever seen. I can still smell her. I can’t explain how great that baby smell is if you have never had a child but trust me it is wonderous! And you will NEVER forget it. I remember staring at her for hours and then I felt myself tingling and knowing that I was changing some how I can’t explain it, I just knew something was happening. I held her close to me so I could whisper in her ear and that’s when I told her. “I DEDICATE MY LIFE TO YOU.” And so began my journey to becoming a FATHER. And over the next couple of years I came to understand what being a father was and i put a pen to paper and this is the letter I wrote.

Father… What is a father? For me it is who I am, what I am, what I want to be, what i need to be. It is the responsibility I live for. I will not apologize for being a father, for being the adult when the situation calls for it. I will make the decision I belive is the right one as your father, not as your friend. I will love you unconditionally. I will protect you till my last breath. I will respect you and demand you respect me. I will financially support you. I will emotionally encourage you to dream to believe in the greatness that is inside you. I will push you to be the best you can be, what you want to be , not who I want or think you should be. I will accept your individuality, your life style choices, i will never judge you. I will just love and support you. I will educate you-not because I am more intelligent than you, but because i am more experienced than you, because I have already made the mistakes and learned from them and I want to share them with you to help you avoid repeating them. This I swear to you! This I promise! I dedicated my life to you the day you were born. You will always be my first and only priority. I will never raise my hand to you. I will never abandon you. Because I AM A FATHER.

If you are a young man thinking about becoming a FATHER or already are a FATHER I encourage you to read my letter a few times and see if any of it can help you in your journey into FATHERHOOD. I do not claim it to be anything other than how I feel so please don’t take it as me preaching or saying that this is definitive. I just know that this is how I have lived my life. I have accomplished much in my life. From becoming a u.s.marine, to staying married for almost 40 years, to my many career accomplishments but nothing even comes close to being a good FATHER!


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