W.T.F. Fourth Bureau Redux!

Part two of  W.T.F. a fourth bureau! Below you will find very informative links that will give you a lot of information. Go there get schooled. Don’t let the blood sucking, money whores like MIKE MONDELLI take advantage of you. His company L2C is one of the companies that are involved in the fourth bureau. Here is the link to L2C  http://www.l2cinc.com/ Here is how they spin what they do by using fancy language. I hate fuckers like this so pay some damn attention!

“L2C solutions use alternative, leading indicator data to inject insight, clarity and confidence into credit risk decisions across the consumer credit life-cycle”

This is what they are really saying!

Alternative = personal data that can be  considered  unreliable

Inject insight = sell your personal data for a profit

Consumer credit life-cycle = track all your personal shit without your knowledge or approval for the rest of your life. Fuck i hate companies like this that hide in the shadows.




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4 responses to “W.T.F. Fourth Bureau Redux!

  1. Jeez Louise! This is scary stuff. I’ll hop on these sites and see what I can do to protect myself and others. Thanks for alerting us to this kind of stuff. You should have your own “Homeland Security Alert” Code System!

  2. Oh shit Pete! If I write a comment, I’m afraid it will be sold, and used against me!!!! AHHH!

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