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Let’s smile 4 a minute

I have seen some very interesting quotes while on the web and thought to myself that I should share some of the ones that have made me smile even if just for a quick minute. Some of them are touching some are funny and some just make you search your soul. ENJOY! or don’t. But if you don’t. Work on yourself and try to find some inner peace.

Fellas this is man 101. I have said some of these in earlier post. This is what a woman wants, true love not games.


I hope and pray that this is my wifey and I. We are almost 40 and counting. And yes it is so true, you can not give up on love and marriage. It’s hard work and when some times it seems like it is broken, that’s when you have to work extra hard to fix it and not throw it away.


LADIES HOLLA. This is what I am talking about. Get in there and handle your business. Get yours!


Enough said…


Oh shit Fellas you better understand this! Women are looking for real men to act like real men. Hard working, strong, proud, responsible men. Good boy friends, good husbands, good fathers. Not wannabes, abusers, cheats, lazy ass players.


Next is just a collection of silly pic’s






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Credit 101.1 QUIZ

So let’s try this again!  From the top this time!  CREDIT! CREDIT! CREDIT! you can not get away from this word and what it means in your life. Here is the definition straight out of the dictionary. You can easily see that the word CREDIT is a good thing until you fuck it up! then its your worst nightmare. Like that house you promised your baby you would buy her, before CREDIT made you a liar! Or why you still live with your MaMa because CREDIT said No Way Jose to the only apartment your broke ass could afford. And the reason your ass is broke is because CREDIT told your potential employer that you are a dead beat loser who might be a risk to hire. Yea, Yea, get the sand out of your vagina and stop your crying I know this is not the majority of you that I speak of. I know there are many legit reasons for having a poor credit score like your company down sizing and kicking your ass to the curb, or your dumb ass cheating and your partner kicking you to the curb like the dog that you are and taking your CREDIT with them. Or that Casanova you met on-line that you traveled overseas to marry only to find out that he was already married to 3 other women, and a prison escapee who conned you out of your good credit. Wait shit this one doesn’t count if this is you then you are already to stupid for me to help. Or the evil bankers who sold you that million dollar house while you were working at Micky D’s. Or the family member you co-signed for, who turned up on Americas Most Wanted. I am not talking about you! I am mostly talking about me! Back in the day! Before I became older then dirt! I was probably all of these except the overseas one. That one I have no sympathy for i’m just going to keep laughing at your dumb ass. So get a grip! Answer the quiz I am about to give you and help me educate others!

Dictionary definition:

1. commendation or honor given for some action, quality, etc.: Give credit where it is due.
2. a source of pride or honor: You are a credit to your school.
3. the ascription or acknowledgment of something as due or properly attributable to a person, institution, etc.: She got a screen credit for photography.
4. trustworthiness; credibility: a witness of credit.
  5. confidence in a purchaser’s ability and intention to pay, displayed by entrusting the buyer with goods or services without immediate payment.
  6. reputation of solvency and probity, entitling a person to be trusted in buying or borrowing: Your credit is good.
  7. influence or authority resulting from the confidence of others or from one’s reputation.
8. time allowed for payment for goods or services obtained on trust: 90 days’ credit.
9. repute; reputation; esteem.
  10. a sum of money due to a person; anything valuable standing on the credit side of an account: He has an outstanding credit of $50.
  11. Education .

a. official acceptance and recording of the work completed by a student in a particular course of study.
  12.Bookkeeping .

a. an entry of payment or value received on an account.
b. the right-hand side of an account on which such entries are made ( opposed to debit).
  an entry, or the total shown, on the credit side.
  13. any deposit or sum of money against which a person may draw.

Have good credit and life is much easier. Take this quiz and leave me your answers in the comments, like this  (1. T – F  2. T – F) etc. and in a day or two I will post the answers and continue on this CREDIT journey. Or not if you tell me i’m full of shit and you want me to shut up on this topic.

1. It is impossible to change what’s in your credit report.


2. You have to make a lot of money to have a good credit score.


3. Paying cash for every purchase hurts your credit.


4. You have multiple credit scores.


5. It takes 7 years to fix a poor credit score.


6. Keeping old credit card accounts open can improve your credit score.


7. When you get married, your credit score is merged with your spouse’s.


8. Checking your credit report can hurt or lower it.


9. Credit scores and credit reports are two different things.


10. Bankruptcy is a “fresh start” for troubled credit.



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Because you come from the hood, you ride or die with your crew, you make it rain, you pop bottles, you have ladies in many zip codes, you push a hot whip? Let me break it down. Any body can knock out any body. That does not make you a man it only makes you bigger, stronger, faster than the other guy. You have a couple of “girl friends” That makes you a womanizer, and abuser, a liar, a phony to the women who think they care about you. You make it “rain”. You “pop bottles” That makes you a financial moron! Spending $350.00 in a club for a $37.00 bottle of vodka . Now let me give you my definition of a man. A man loves and respects his wife/women, loves and protects, educates, and nurtures his children. He does what ever it takes to support his family by educating himself,  seeking to move up and get promotions in his job or working 2,or 3 jobs if he needs to. Not buying that whip if he can not comfortably afford it. A man is the one who has $10.00 left in his pocket and needs to get to work but does not have enough gas in his car, he knows his baby needs milk/diapers so he spends the money on his child and forgets about the gas, Instead he gets up extra early and takes the bus/train to get to work. He does not make excuses for his situation, instead he works to improve it. He embraces his position as the man of the house, does not disrespect his spouse/girlfriend, does not physically or mentally abuse her. Instead he encourages and embraces her and appreciates her contributions to the relationship. This is my definition of a man. So look in the mirror,. Challenge yourself, Believe in yourself and be a MAN……


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