Let’s smile 4 a minute

I have seen some very interesting quotes while on the web and thought to myself that I should share some of the ones that have made me smile even if just for a quick minute. Some of them are touching some are funny and some just make you search your soul. ENJOY! or don’t. But if you don’t. Work on yourself and try to find some inner peace.

Fellas this is man 101. I have said some of these in earlier post. This is what a woman wants, true love not games.


I hope and pray that this is my wifey and I. We are almost 40 and counting. And yes it is so true, you can not give up on love and marriage. It’s hard work and when some times it seems like it is broken, that’s when you have to work extra hard to fix it and not throw it away.


LADIES HOLLA. This is what I am talking about. Get in there and handle your business. Get yours!


Enough said…


Oh shit Fellas you better understand this! Women are looking for real men to act like real men. Hard working, strong, proud, responsible men. Good boy friends, good husbands, good fathers. Not wannabes, abusers, cheats, lazy ass players.


Next is just a collection of silly pic’s






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15 responses to “Let’s smile 4 a minute

  1. This is GREAT! Love it, LOVE it 🙂

    That ‘already have a pussy’ one is so choice.
    Your words are so wonderful – your wife must love you to bits for being who you are. Indeed, came from an era when something broke you fixed it (loved that too).

    Nearly 40? Ah, you guys are young 🙂

  2. Great! You are such a softie. At least, that’s what I thought until I got further down the post. Okay…..That really came off us sexual innuendo, didn’t it?

  3. Well . . . Pete . . . I like you and all. But being as how I’m not willing to pinch your ass to let you know that? I nominated you for a blog award instead. Collective sigh in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 . . .

    • You like me, you really like me….Glad to know – that black and blue on my ass did not come from you! What up! Cay-Cay! I am offering 1,000,000,000,000 monopoly dollars to anyone who gives me CAYMAN’S REAL NAME AND ADDRESS TO HIS BAR! Dude my Giants sucked big time this year, But your fish, nice job. I did place 2nd. in my Fantasy football.On my way to check out this dope award – there better be some prize money invoved!

  4. Pete! You are back! Cooooool Beans! Hope you had a wonderful holiday and I missed you and yayyyy!! great quotes and pics. The elf on the toilet had me spitting my coffee..i forgot to not bring it here 🙂 so I woulda written this at least 20 minutes ago but I had to wipe off my screen, and keyboard,,,, but still Yay!

    • Yes great to be back. Working 7 days a week for the last 2-3 months because of the storm. I did have a great holiday. Hope you as well. Yea i had to put the elf one in because you know us dudes when we need to use the toilet we say, “can you give me a minute i have to go and DROP OFF THE KIDS AT THE POOL”

  5. RC

    I LOVE this post Pete!! I’m going to steal some of those quotes RIGHT NOW!!

  6. Love em all.
    And the quotes are all true.

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