Well speak up! Am I a bully? No hell NO, what I am is the SENSEI OF COMMON SENSE(tm) THE MAYOR OF REAL VILLE. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck you can put lipstick and a tutu on it and call it a swan if you want but the truth is that it’s a duck. What made me ask if I am a bully is a few comments and emails that made me think that I might be coming off a kind of bully. And that upsets me because that is the last impression that I want to put out. So I am going to step back and let you answer the question. Here is just one of the comments and my reply that made me ask the question. It is from my post.

So am I a bully or just a super genius,  Am I a bully or the most interesting man in the world, (stay thirsty my friends)  Am I a bully or just hot like Magic Mike, Am I a bully or just delusional!

anonymous Comment

dude you guys act like auto salespeople are making a million dollars a year….we are just trying to make a living to feed our families…… We work long hours 12 hours a day 3 days a week 10 hrs a day the other days, never 2 days in a row off and people talk to us like trash….we have a lot of people waste our time……so we do deserve to make a little money because in essence we are working 1 full time job and 1 part time job…..whatever you do for a living you have to make profit to stay in business and feed your family……WHAT DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING?  And if we don’t make a profit the dealership will shut down like dealers that were in business for over 100 hundred years that closed down…now those local customers can drive all the way accross town to service their cars, because they wanted to beat their local dealer up for a few hundred dollars, I think they shot themselves in the foot……ALL BUSINESSES HAVE TO MAKE A PROFIT…..SO IF ANY BUSINESS MAKES A PROFIT THAT MUST BE A CRIME…….SINCE YOU ARE SO INCONSIDERATE AND HAVE A MOUTH THAT SOMEONE TOOK A CRAP IN, DO YOU KISS YOUR MOTHER WITH THAT MOUTH AND MAYBE I SHOULD TRY TO BUST EVERYONE I EVER TALK TO FOR A BETTER DEAL……OR DO I ALLOW A MAN TO MAKE A FAIR PROFIT……


Hell Yea! This is what I am talking about people. GREAT comment! You make some really great points and intelligently articulated them until your meds wore off and then you got all personal and shit with the mother thing. But I got nothing but love for you. I really hope you do not stay Anonymous because I would love it if you became a regular contributor. If you read more of my post and the comments on them from my regular readers you will see that I am on your side it is for hard-working family people like yourself that I write for. (I say people because I don’t even know if you are a man or woman) When you read my site in totality including my about page you will see that I have a serious message that I wrap around with some colorful language just to keep the site fresh and entertaining. Read my WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE A MAN or FATHER IS WHAT I AM or ANOTHER BITCH ASS MAN or BAGGY PANTS SERIOUSLY STILL. Now to answer your question I am a fleet manager, I am a class A certified diesel mechanic with 40 years working experience so yes I can speak on this subject because I have also worked the 60 hrs. A week you talk about most of it during the grave yard shift! I am also a republican, so yes I believe in business making a profit. And dealerships are closing for many reasons like POOR customer service, Mismanagement, poor inventory strategies, manufacture recalls and so on. Not just because I was well prepared and made the best well-informed and educated deal on my last car. And did not fall for the $250.00 stain protection treatment that was just a can of spray that I could buy myself for $30.00 dollars or the $800.00 security alarm that you just had the local alarm installer do for you for $150.00. Please return and join in on making a difference. Or stay Anonymous whining and bitter. Your choice? Peace!


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29 responses to “AM I A BULLY?

  1. By the way — we LOVE the dog. Lilli & Cliff are fighting over who should get it’s e-mail address (the equipment is obscured in the photo).

    • Isn’t it amazing and beautiful. I chose it because it is strong, powerful, yet beautiful like a female or male. And you are showing your age with (equipment) Its now the (PACKAGE!)

  2. Um … exactly who’s the bully here? I found your post informative — aggressively informative — but that’s just your style and I love it. Anonymous’ response, however, is clearly an attempt to bully YOU (and the nutless chickenshit didn’t even have the marbles to own his crap — you’ll note that I’ve just assumed the gender)! Boy, did he pick the wrong target. Keep breakin’ it own, Pete.

  3. Pete- Had to take a minute to thank you for your comments on my Penn State post. You wrote how I- and a lot of people- feel about what has happened in Happy Valley. Thank you.

  4. Hey Pete… in all seriousness..,ok wait, nevermind serious but sincerity, I recently wrote a peice about my absence and it beng because I did not want to show that side of me.. and the outpouring of support i got., was well, I wondered why I even questioned it. You were one of them and told me..something about a horse and .. you told me it didn;t matter as long as I was here. Look at all these cool people here that follow you. 1. I happen to know for a fact that many of them do not tolerate, condone or support bullying (that was redundant huh? which should lend you to believe that .. you aren;t a bully. in any way. Obnoxious, yes, loud, ok, shit talker, definitely, but I will tell you I would not for one instance hesitate to come to you for help if I needed it or advice about almost anything. becasue what comes through stonger than any of those things is that you give a shit …., your whole blog is about caring and helping. RIght? well maybe not the sex positions and..well that was a little helpful actually……..
    2. If we all were a bunch of bully mongers then who the hel cares if you are.. you got the coolest followers in the blogoshpere… I mean .. so if we said well yeah Pete you are a bully..but thats why we love you… would you change? 😉 and really I mean…

    Just be you dude, nobody else can and the few pretzelhead nutbars that take offense…. to heck with them.
    You an;t save the whole world my friend.
    Now pull up your big boy pants and start breaking it down for us my man….,

    The fact I can be so nice after that restraining order business… should be taken into account… such a big misunderstanding and I think Ive decided the real issue was that when you found out I waw in the got a little skird… made some rash decisions ya know.. 😉 we are all on the same damn side….cept for the pretszel headed nutbars……. no even them, .

    Peace out.

    • Ok, there is so much going on with this comment. I want to address it with the full respect and attention it deserves for this is a teaching moment that i do not want to waste, but i am now in my office where i should have a revolving door installed because of all the interuptions i get all day. So i will get back to you my dear when i have some quiet time. For that reply might be long enough to be a post in itself.

  5. I think that anonymous got up on the wrong side of the van he was sleeping in down by the river.

  6. There is a difference between using a bully pulpit and being a bully. You have a point of view and you make no bones about it. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea when you roll this way, but that’s the way I like it. I want your opinion, unfiltered, and you serve it up with buttah.
    Bully for you! (Yeah, yeah…dig the pun, brother)….

  7. The fact that it is anonymous sort of says it all Pete. There’s too many loons out there to worry about. I also agree with Guapo’s analysis of you – and you make me laugh too! Best wishes.

    • My man Jim good day to you. The reason i asked the question is because some of the other comments and emails are not anonymous. So just maybe i am coming off as rude, insensitive or a bit of a bully. I don’t think so but you never really know until you step back and open yourself up.

  8. Nah, not a bully. Your commenter sort of missed the point of the post, not saying anything about dishonest practices. I have no problem paying for something I need. But don’t tell me the car will explode if I don’t buy the faux walnut dashboard veneer.
    And generally, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything here (or anywhere else) from you that makes me think bully.
    Mildly bent and perhaps in need of some therapy, but you could say the same about me.
    (Though I’d leave off “mildly” in my case.)

    • JESUS is that you! C’mon man are you ever going to get ANYTHING wrong! What up GUAPO! Yo i got me some guapo mania, i’m a guapo groupie. I live for Your friday foolishness. Remember the Faux walnut side panels on the station wagons back in the day. Shit i miss the good old days.

  9. Pete, really? You know you are not a bully. I don’t believe you are a bully. Do you occasionally harass people? Oh well, maybe, but not in any “Hurry, call the police” kind of way. I see it as you trying to get people to stop and actually use that lump 3 feet (or is it 2 feet?) above their ass. You told me to just be me. So now, I’m going to be a bitch and shove that right back at you. Just be you Pete, that’s what we like. At least, some of us. And really, you can’t please everyone so you got to be yourself? Where the hell is this cheese coming from? Gosh, I’m like a regular cheesy line manufacturer today. The point is, there is always someone that’s going to get pissed about something you did or said. Reading your original post that inspired this persons rant, I felt that it was an appropriate response, to start. But then the “annonymous” replier lost any points he might of gained by doing what so many people do on the internet. Try to be all mean and badass when really it just comes across as some weirdo who still lives in the basement and probably may not have any respect at all for other people, much less Mothers. So, I say, take the good points of his reply and get whatever you can out of them and blow off the rest. Same with any others. Take what you can from it. Sometimes, though, people spew just to spew and there’s nothing you can take from that.

    • My young GRASSHOPPER, our sessions are going well. You will be ready for your black belt very soon! Wait give me a second, i’m chocking from that shit you just shoved down my throat. Are you a doctor? because this is some serious flow you got going on. “people do on the internet. Try to be all mean and badass” This is what i don’t want to do and lose my message.

      • Sigh. Are you high on something Pete? No, I’m not a fucking doctor and I don’t pretend to be one. Geesh. Get a grip, man, get a grip. I was referring to your annonymous poster not you. Give me some credit.

        • OMG I LOVE BLOGGING! I love this shit! I am in tears from laughing so much right now. Looks like i already gave you too much credit in my last reply. We are going to have to start the sessions all over again. Ha, Ha, LOL. I was having fun with your original comment. It looks like i should have spaced the two sentences. 1. (Wait give me a second, i’m chocking from that shit you just shoved down my throat.) This was a play on your original comment. Not saying that you were now shoving anything at me, Playing on the cheesy manufacture thing. And just that i got your message from when we last spoke on your site. 2. (Are you a doctor?) This is from the commercial = I’m not a doctor but i did stay in a holiday Inn once… Meaning that you broke down my post with your comment like a proffessional, like a skilled head doctor would. 3. (Serious flow) is my attempt at using the urban dictionary to tell you that your whole comment was awesome and on point and 100% great. My bad. (shit there goes that urban dictionary again) Sorry i will bring it down a bit until you catch up with us.. Ha Ha that was the Bully in me saying that (again playing on words and the question of my post) I AM Only kidding just letting you know its all good and fun (o-k-I w-i-l-l-s-p-e a-k-s-l-o-w-e-r-f-o-r-y-o-u-n-o-w) Ok this time i really am sorry!! c’mon give me a smile! I’m just an old fool. And you know you are the Man! I got mad love and respect for you! Damn that dictionary!!! I mean i really enjoy your site…………….

          • FUCK YOU!!!! Okay, no not really. But it was fun to type out in all caps with a bunch of exclamation points! !!!! Whoever discovered the over use of the exclamation point! needs to be shot! Right now! I use them way too much!! Oh and I am a Doctor. A Doctor Who fan maybe, that’s about all I can claim. As queen of the urban dictionary, I suppose I should have recognized, however, I didn’t. Fail. Oh well, I’ll give you a smile any jackass. Perhaps you can teach me not to take every thing so damned seriously.

            • (Perhaps you can teach me not to take every thing so damned seriously.) I just did! You are welcome! And thats MR. Jackass to you! BRAVO! Thank you for being such a good sport! This was so much fun! And i do sincerely apologize if i said anything that upset you! Its all in good fun! And i do respect you and i do enjoy your site! Yes i am the new champion of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!

  10. well I think any ass…I mean anyone that wants to talk shit to you should have the guts to not be anonymous… what a pansy.. oh shit sorry, I am sick and tired SICK AND TIRED of PANS ASS ANONYMOUS BUTTHEADS THAT COME HERE AND INSULT MOTHERS BECAUSE THEY GET SOME BUG UP THEIR HOLE AND THERE POOR LITTLE FEELING S GET HURT BECAUSE THEY TAKE OFFENSE WITHOUT READING THE FINE PRINT>>>HELL ANY PRINT… oh mothers were asked if you kissed your mother with that mouth… after saying what? a mouth someone took a crap in? WHat is the MATTER with people? take some fucking accountability quit blaming everyone else for your shit and if you dont like what someone has to say about you…go the hell away. hide behind some pansy ass stupid anonymous thingy… hmph…
    poopy head …yea I called the anonymous pansy ass a poopy head and there is my picture and my name right there.., LIZZIE…lets see what you do now huh? ,
    Hey Pete… I can drive those big ass trucks 🙂 had a transport company… that’s where I learned to talk like a truck driver 🙂 just saying… 😛

    (please feel free to edit this comment as you see fit or hell throw is away..if I uh…got out of line tellling pansy poopy head to whatever I told them to do…. I meant it in the kindest way possible and I hope they are regular readers of your blog.. so they can see what you are really about 🙂

    • Good morning SUNSHINE, hA,hA what up Lizzie! When I googled your name the picture at the top of this post came up-a strong beautiful creature. I loves me some Lizzie. YOU ARE NEVER OUT OF LINE! And this post is not about this one comment, I get many comments and emails like this one. I am asking the question in general not about this comment. This is just a sample comment and I am asking was I a bully in my reply? You know the great thing is that I can almost tell you word for word what my peeps like Guapo, Paula, Cayman, lorre, Lafem, Linda, Jam, Lorna, yourself and so on will say.

      • well… yeah I I forgot about it being a ,mere example… I got into it man.. need to blow off some steam I guess 🙂 So you know what we will say why did ya ask? Im kidding.. no need o answer that….you Googled my name ? Really? Lizzie Cracked and not naked old slut..,or drunk slutty woman? See I get the short end of the stick too… Im not old and drunk dammit… Just be you… cause you totally ROCK!! )with big letters even 🙂

  11. Ha, Ha, Ha The real title was supposed to be AM I A BULLY OR ARE YOU JUST A PUSSY! My bad i’m just having some fun.

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