Baggy pants? Seriously

Seriously i am about to let everybody have a piece of my mind on this one! For you self-righteous, stick up the ass, politically correct, i am better than you assholes. I’m gonna need you to back the f-up. Are you shitting me? This style bothers you enough to enact laws against it. How about skinny jeans on guys? speedos? Tattoos? Etc. Etc. Etc. Get a grip! Unless you are showing your private parts you should be able to embarrass yourself with the style of clothing you choose. Ohhhh man now for the culprits who wear this style. Wake the f-up! Don’t even give me your bullshit talking points about how this is your statement against the society who oppresses you or I’m gangster, i represent. Represent what? That you are clueless, that you want to perpetuate the stereo type of our immature youth. Represent who? The other fools in your circle, your street corner who are going nowere fast. Stop kidding yourself . How many grown, intelligent, professional’s do you know who dress like this. This style is played out and for kids.Dressing like this for approval from losers on your block is stupid. Come on lets move on and be proud, be strong, be grown and build a positive life for yourself. I believe in you and you should believe in yourself and know that you are better than this! I copied and pasted the following articles from news sources.

sagging pants, a style popularized in the early 1990s by hip-hop artists, are becoming a criminal offense in a growing number of communities.

Behind the indecency laws may be the real issue — the hip-hop style itself, which critics say is worn as a badge of delinquency, with its distinctive walk conveying thuggish swagger and a disrespect for authority. Also at work is the larger issue of freedom of expression and the questions raised when fashion moves from being merely objectionable to illegal.

Starting in Louisiana, an intensifying push by lawmakers has determined pants worn low enough to expose underwear poses a threat to the public, and they have enacted indecency ordinances to stop it.

Since June 11, sagging pants have been against the law in Delcambre, La., a town of 2,231 that is 80 miles southwest of Baton Rouge. The style carries a fine of as much as $500 or up to a six-month sentence.

An ordinance in Mansfield, a town of 5,496 near Shreveport, subjects offenders to a fine (as much as $150 plus court costs) or jail time (up to 15 days).  the law, which takes effect Sept. 15, will set a good civic image.

Sagging began in prison, where oversized uniforms were issued without belts to prevent suicide and their use as weapons. The style spread through rappers and music videos, from the ghetto to the suburbs and around the world.

The American Civil Liberties Union has been steadfast in its opposition to dress restrictions. Debbie Seagraves, the executive director of the A.C.L.U. of Georgia said, “I don’t see any way that something constitutional could be crafted when the intention is to single out and label one style of dress that originated with the black youth culture, as an unacceptable form of expression.”

Not since the zoot suit has a style been greeted with such strong disapproval.

Following a pattern of past fashion bans, the sagging prohibitions are seen by some as racially motivated because the wearers are young, predominantly African-American men.

Yet, this legislation has been proposed largely by African-American officials. It may speak to a generation gap. Michael Eric Dyson, a professor of sociology at Georgetown University and the author of “Know What I Mean?: Reflections on Hip Hop,” said,  “They’ve bought the myth that sagging pants represents an offensive lifestyle which leads to destructive behavior.”

Benjamin Chavis, the former executive director of the N.A.A.C.P., said, “I think to criminalize how a person wears their clothing is more offensive than what the remedy is trying to do.”

News One is reporting that a small town in Georgia has passed a law in which they will fine men who wear “saggy pants” $50  for their first offense. Hampton will fine men $100 for the second offense, and third-time offenders will be charged $200.

We wonder who will be targeted (tongue implanted firmly in cheek). Plenty of folks wear saggy jeans, but it bothers some so much that they would fine those people for a poor fashion decision? Aside from the fact that saggy pants have long been played out and we really don’t understand why anyone outside of prison would wear the look, what is the need to fine folks? Is there nothing else going on in Hampton, Ga.?

Other than freedom of choice, we don’t know why young black men continue to insist on wearing this look, any more than some of us insisted on wearing high-top fades, super baggy jeans, Coogi sweaters or Cross Colors way past the expiration date. If young people choose to do so, then they should be able to do it. Hopefully they will grow out of it, and if they don’t, we’ll talk about them behind their backs like everybody else and keep it moving. We don’t fine them for being fashion backward.

Besides, until they start fining people for wearing flip-flops (often with no pedicures in sight) in business spaces and low-cut jeans, we can’t get behind this one. We’ve seen enough plumber’s crack and muffin tops to last a lifetime.


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53 responses to “Baggy pants? Seriously

  1. Anonymous

    The biggest issue I have is a sadness for a whole generation with no original direction. This has been the fashion for over twenty years for some folks (how cutting edge!) That means that as a teen, you are in the same fashion rut as when you were two and if you are trying to say something about your culture by the way you dress ….it is obviously someone else’s message …..not yours. I could, unfortunately, say the same for dance, music and other art forms. After all, I’m responding to a year old article……and not a thing has changed. If these guys were around in the 70’s, they would still be dressing like Huggy Bear!

  2. What is the difference between Baggy pants and Sagging Pants?


    Caroline Varizo

    • In my eyes, About 4 inches. What i mean is that baggy pants are just loose fitting but they are still belted at the waist and sagging pants are belted about 4 inches below some ones ass crack showing their underwear. Nice job! looks like i have the wrong title on my post. Thanks!

      • Sorry, i didn’t want to mean that u were wrong, or u titled your post wrongly, by the way was written very well articulated and inviting, Considering that I’m a journalist, and I can speak with full knowledge. LOL

        I just asked that question, because i’m brazilian, and I really didn’t know de difference: for me those kinds of pants, look like the same!


        Caroline Varizo.

        • Yes it was great that you noticed. Not a problem with me. Nice to meet you. I was only able to read your english post and i did enjoy them. Brazil, no wonder i could not read the rest of the post. I tried because they looked similar to my latin lanquage

          • Oh it’s a pleasure for me that a foreign is reading my text and liking…
            Which latin language do u speak?
            Don’t worry, now, I know I have a foreign reader, I will start translating my writings, most assiduously. LOL
            I could read yours, but some words and expressions (idioms) were a little bit native, our specific from americans. I needed to got help. What a shame! 🙂


            Caroline Varizo

            • I could read yours, but some words and expressions (idioms) were a little bit native. Ha, Ha that’s because I’m an old fool, using slang English for entertainment value. I speak newyorkrican, that’s slang for a born and raised in the bronx new york 4th generation puerto rican. Don’t worry I sometimes don’t understand what I write either.

              • Como no! Yo hablo un poquito español e comprendo bastante, pero creo que sea lo español del Mexico. Se hay alguna diferencia? No escribo muy bien. Changing the subjects, my dream is to be a journalist in another country, but I know that for it to happens I really need to think like a native and not to translate my text – like i’m doing in my blogs. I Die for write those English slangs, no matter if they are from New York, from California (that i’m in love with), or even if I learn a new leanguage, like Spanish, Italian or maybe German.

                Those thought-texts (the way I call them), I wonder if one day they become a book, or better, if some singer sing them. 🙂

                But I like to write about fashion, beauty. I like to write about behavior too, but I think this issue requires a great knowledge of the language. So I loved your text. I like the tone that you used to write your opinion about the subject matter. I like your writing style: a touch of sarcasm.


                Caroline Varizo

  3. I love it!…You hit some great points. Hopefully one day this style will vanish and never appear again!

  4. Brilliant post! I knew where the baggy pants fashion began but I never knew there are so many states that actually had a law against it. I tell you I learn something new everyday. Man if they are willing to penalize people for wearing bagging pants as you mention what will be next! We all have our own style no matter if people are happy with it or not. The world is not perfect and we are not all the same thank goodness. If so what else could we write about;) Brilliant post! I enjoy reading it!

    • Yes the world is losing its mind! Yes i also enjoyed your hold on tight post. Love that you are not afraid to tell the world that you love your husband. I also am a BIG fan of Jessie J.

      • I think the problem is that they have too many free time on their hands and focus on the little things instead of the major at times. Yes, I notice your a Jessie J fan too:) I smiled when I first came onto your blog and seen her. Her voice is beautiful with or without background music. She rocks!!!

        I think at times when people come into our life we don’t always tell them how much we appreciate them. Many of us expect a person should treat us a way “because”. I tell my husband everyday I love him and he know it. But with friends I am always cracking jokes even in my writing because I am a silly person. That day I felt I should be a bit serious and write from my heart. My husband is my rock and without him by my side I would crumble or feel a bit lost.

  5. I totally disagree with fining people or with preventing them in some other form from dresses like this. Sure you see their boxers, but not their butts. I dislike this style…but I can’t really say ‘don’t dress like that’ because I don’t always make the best fashion choices either. Just because I don’t understand how one could be comfortable with one’s pants suspended below one’s butt, or how one could walk very well, doesn’t mean I have the right to tell them to stop doing it.

    I think these measures being taken are the wrong ones, but I also won’t side with the ones who dress like this saying it’s a great fashion statement. I’m Switzerland…I don’t like it, but it’s not my place to tell you not to do it, lol.

    And you’re right, we can just talk and laugh about how silly they look. ^_^
    I may not always dress the best, but I always make sure everything that should be covered is covered….always. I have plumbers butt and muffin tops.

    Ps. thanks for subscribing :D!

    • Yes you are like my personal travel guide. Ha,Ha you said plumbers butt, funny stuff! You ccc are fun reading.

      • Sorry for taking so long to re-respond. And wow, I made a lot of typos in that comment. At the end I almost couldn’t figure out what I was trying to say!

        *I totally disagree with fining people or with preventing them in some other form from [dresses] like this. ~ Should be dressing 😛

        *I [have] plumbers butt and muffin tops. ~ Pretty sure I meant to say hate, lol.

        I think it would be neat if people picked a place to travel based on places I’ve been and posted about, lol. I’ve done some pretty not-so-known stuff and it’s been awesome. I’m glad you think we’re fun ;). The sentiment goes both ways ^_^.

        • *I [have] plumbers butt and muffin tops. ~ Pretty sure I meant to say hate, lol. This is some funny ass shit! Glad you cleared that up for us! Not that there is anything wrong with Plumbers butt, it’s just funny to hear. Don’t sweat the typo. The actual typing test wll be next month! And oh yea i expect replies within the hour. So chop, chop. We have standards here.

  6. Reminds me of a think-tank I attended years ago where we discussed the future of the family unit (Projecting global trends from 2000 to 2050)

    An expert on gangs pointed out that when young men return to the hood from prison they are often given with a hero’s welcome. The neighborhood kids (boys who are often fatherless or lacking decent role models) emulate the fashion, white t-shirt, belted baggie jeans/shorts and tall white socks.

    Why other kids are adopting the look is beyond me. It can’t be comfortable… I know whenever I where pantyhose I’m constantly struggling to keep the crotch hiked up, (long legs) and it drives me nuts.

    Great blog and broken down nicely, Pete.

  7. wordsfallfrommyeyes

    Your eloquence is great – you said it plain & real. A really excellent post. I don’t like the style either, can’t understand it – if you’re ever meant to “understand” fashion – and I can’t help but think they’re going to fall down any second now. I haven’t seen one single person here in Australia with them as low down as over the buttocks, but guys do wear their pants low sometimes. As for a law against it – that is totally absurd. Totally, totally absurd.

  8. Anonymous

    i’m surprised you made no reference to the ‘tramp stamp’

    great point though – and i agree wholeheartedly.

    thank goodness i got a pedicure before i slipped on my flip flops this morning – phew!

  9. Couldn’t have said it better. I laugh at all the wanna-be gansta’s, but they aren’t nearly as bad as what the girls are[not] wearing. Can’t wait to have some time to read more. Thank you for ‘scribing, catcha later!

  10. tarheeltalker

    Agree with the point that the law is not the solution. In the course of my job I see so many young guys who dress like this and frankly it really irritates me and yet I don’t have a solution and sometimes think that these guys will just dispense with the pants completely which creates an entirely new issue. A final thought. Restaurants already say no shirt, no shoes, no service. Maybe they could add no baggies. Perhaps the tide might turn a bit. First time visitor and thanks for subscribing to my “outpourings” of knowledge.

  11. Totally agree. With two young kids, I shudder to think of what fashion they’ll come up with in the future. But they should be allowed to express themselves. Not to say I won’t have an opinion about it. ; ) You can’t judge people on looks alone. And yes, they should outlaw those low-riding pants that everyone wears that show off their cracks. I am over them!

    • You are so on point with this comment. I don’t know if everybody can see your comment the way i do. #1 They should be allowed to express themselves – Yes! But only after #2 You as an involved parent offer them your opinion and advise so they can make a good decision. Because #3 You as a loving, not afraid to be the adult parent – did not JUDGE them.

  12. Wow – “a danger to others?” Well, I guess the baggy pants syndrome does make it easier for lethal farts to escape into the atmosphere …

    Seriously, I totally agree. You can’t fix stupid with legislation, only by making people not want to be stupid anymore. My dad used to own a club and at the door, they’d just tell those with their arses or boxers hanging out to “pull’em up or stay outside.” It worked – there was quite a bit of pulling up going on. But making it illegal is off the hook.

  13. Young black men- what about my white boy roy sons?
    This idea that it is a “done time” badge is sort of intriguing as I equate the baggies w/ fish who haven’t the juice to have their pants tailored or draw a properly fitting pair.
    Me I saw to much BS energized discussion about hair and clothes 40 some years ago to get to involved w/ it these days. I will make 3 more observations-
    1 you can’t legislate taste
    2- I am pro school uniform
    3- Tactically baggies are a big mistake. Guys who fight tie their boot and pull up their pants. I did actually fight a kid sporting baggies in October. Foolish on his part, I had 50 lbs, 500 bar brawls and street fights & 30 years on the mats on him. I also had a CRKT M-16 on my belly and 18″ key lanyard w/ a mini mag lite on it in my coat pocket. In any case rather than maim his knee I cat footed his groin and pulled his pants down to his ankles. When he reached down to hoist his trousers I circled behind and gently tapped his kidney, which straightened him up for a tender choke hold.I whispered in his ear “you’re dying because you thought I was impressed by BullShit, I’m killing you because you’re wearing a grown mans pants. Next time wear your own. I stepped down on the pants and push him into a face plant. Checked his ankles for a piece and left him with “old age and treachery will always take young and stupid “. Being in the the construction indistry I’ve also seen a few idiots get hurt behind baggies to the point that I’ll run a guy off if he’s wearing them.

  14. They should pass a law against plumbers. They wear those tool belts around their waist which drags their pants down and you can see… enough said. (I was joking about passing a law.)

  15. Wow. You sure do your homework. This is a really good piece. I hate the look, personally but would not outlaw it. Hate low cut jeans too but hey, it’s a choice. Holy cow. I cannot believe it’s actually been outlawed. The things politiicans spend their time on never ceases to disgust me… thanks for the good work 🙂

  16. karlamcurry

    HA! This is awesome – totally agree. Whereas baggy pants might be a poor choice of judgement and potentially offensive to others (a few weeks ago a kid in front of me at church had the same look – really, church?), it shoudn’t be criminalized. But then, the government has its hands in far too many things anyway.

  17. Yes, I agree with the post and truly wish the saggy style would leave this planet and imposing fines and/or jail time is just one step closer to diminishing our rights in this country. However, not all guys who wear their pants in this style are “thugs,” have no meaning or will amount to nothing.

    My 20 year-old son is in his second year at college obtaining his degree to move forward in his life. He is on the Dean’s list with his unbelievable GPA (he was a terrible high school student). Unfortunately, he is a fashion victim of the saggy pants syndrome. We (his family, fiance and friends) tease him about it continuously but he is the most amazing young man with the greatest sense of humor on the planet and refuses to conform to what society believes he should. Proof that he is busy protecting his freedoms regardless if we want to see his boxers or not.

    I can only hope that one day he will finally get it and pull his pants up!

  18. Great research to back up your opinions on this droopy-drawers issue! Beyond all of the potential indecent exposure laws and just-plain-bad-taste arguments, how do these guys walk in pants like this? It must be like being in a sack race…

  19. I think the thugs that wear their pants like that look ridiculous, but it shouldn’t be a crime. Saggy pants isn’t the only fashion that looks ridiculous. I wonder many times if certain people I see own a mirror and if they do, do they look in it before they leave the house. I always say just because you can get it on doesn’t mean it fits.

    • I agree with your comment. I just don’t want the conversation to turn into (Judgment) I don’t think everybody who dresses in this style is a thug. There might be some? But i think the vast majority are just into it because of perceived peer pressure, to fit in, have just not found there own confidence to be themselves. Just a thought!

  20. 100% agree. While annoying and awful to look at, it should not be equated with other criminal offenses like theft. I believe the monetary fine that goes naturally in tandem with that fashion style is the fact that they are going nowhere in life; we don’t need to institute a criminal one as well. All that does is create a generation of morons who trust the “system” even less. Take a look at yourselves guys…you look ridiculous.

    • Damn you sure you are not my brother from another mother? This comment is point! set! match! game over. This line is so deep and intelligent that i am afraid some of the young men and women i am trying to inspire won’t get it. (I believe the monetary fine that goes naturally in tandem with that fashion style is the fact that they are going nowhere in life) Not that they are not smart enough to get it, it’s that they don’t have any dreams for a better life.

  21. Criminal offense? No, that’s just stupid. Disgusting sense of style? Absolutely. Yes, that is an opinion but I really don’t want to see your boxers, thanks so much. On another note, for women, I really don’t want to see your thong either. Good post!

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