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Review: Underworld is BACK!

OMG! OMG! OMG! Is it a dream? Did my eyes just gaze upon the most kick ass, hot ass woman in a body suit EVERRRRRRRR!  No it is not a dream, it is the fourth installment of the UNDERWORLD franchise and by far the best of the sequels. Kate Beckinsale is back in all of her hotness. And she is pissed off and f**kn people UP!  She lives up to her Death Dealer title. The world has discovered that there are werewolf and lycans among them and has started the war to eradicate them. While trying to escape Selene is captured and becomes cryogenically frozen for 12 years. **SPOILER ALERT** I don’t want to give away story line surprises so I will just say this – The movie is easily the most brutal, gory, and bloody of them all. Fast – Paced with edge of your seat special effects. I saw it in I-MAX 3D and it was amazing!  The sound track is also great. I know I am biased because I am such a big fan of the underworld franchise and a fan of Kate Beckinsale. But the movie delivers everything you expect from an action filled si-fi fantasy. Yes I know its violent and the critics will probably destroy it and if you stretch your imagination you could get all serious about how it has some cleansing over tones and all kinds of crazy shit like that. But just remember – It’s a MOVIE! you know NOT REAL!  its entertainment!! If you also are a fan of underworld then this is a must see and do yourself a favor and see it in I-MAX 3D.


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Underworld is BACK!

Be still my beating heart, relent my dear Wood, only a few more weeks before these glorious eye’s can gaze upon the beauty that is the magnificent DEATH DEALER extraordinaire Kate Beckinsale! Oh Yea the hottest kick ass woman in a  body suit is BACK! And this time she is in 3D. Is there anything hotter than a sexy woman in a body suit? let me answer that for you – YES!  a Sexy woman naked,  a sexy woman naked playing twister, a sexy woman naked playing twister while eating a banana. OK, OK way to f-up a wet dream. It was a rhetorical question you dream killing zombie. Shit I would rather have a weeks worth of E.D. than to ask you guys another question. Now back to my fantasy if that’s ok with you mister no life having. But just think about Hally Berry as storm from x-men or Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity) from the Matrix and who can forget Scarlett Johansson from Iron Man.  Plus I bet you could name about a thousand other. But none is hotter or more bad ass than Kate. I am a big fan of the underworld franchise and I can not wait for the latest installment in 3D. Here is the trailer for your viewing pleasure.


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