My goal


My goal is to educate the youth. To encourage them to believe in their full potential. To help them recognise whats positive in their lives. To offer a voice and a platform for those who are suffering in silence from homophobia, bigotry, bullying, fear or just simply lost without direction and no one to speak to. I want to help stop the mental and physical abuse against women and children. I NEED YOUR HELP TO ACCOMPLISH THIS GOAL.. Leave a comment share your life experiences,  repost my blog, TWEET about it, LIKE IT and share it on your Facebook wall.

28 responses to “My goal

  1. No, I am a teenager. But i consider myself as a young adult writer. I just have an open and mature outlook. Not all teens have the same point of cliche veiws. That is one of my goals for my blog.

  2. Brilliant… enough said. This goal(s) is amazing! there needs to be more people out there to show the harsh truth about what happens and how we ourselves are humans can change all that. We all have voices, so why not use them to change the world for the better.

  3. wordsfallfrommyeyes

    A brilliant goal. I’m subbing.

  4. Anonymous

    if only more people had this goal, it seems the world would be a much better place

    i for one think writing is a great way to educate, or at least a great way to express opinions, thoughts and ideas – ultimately i think we hope to get people thinking or in my case, sometimes i just hope to get them laughing or smiling as well.


  5. Rachel

    this is a great goal! i wholeheartedly believe in education and am SO proud to be a nerd 🙂

  6. yasmeen2011

    you have inspired me to write my next big post

    • Awesome i will read it! Nice to meet you Yas. Please come back and comment on my say-it page any time. Have you read my FATHER IS WHAT I AM, BECAUSE YOU ARE A BITCH, or YOU THINK YOU ARE A MAN.

  7. Schools need to cut a lot of the stupid shit classes like P.E. and teach something important. Like what are you REALLY going to do with the rest of your life? No you might not get married. Or stay married. You have to have a job. Some skills. Guidance counselors need to spend a lot more time with kids to see what they are good at and help steer them. Push them. They need to really care. Becuase not all parents do or can.

    • Good comment, Maybe that’s what I am trying to sort of be, a guidance counselor? But I think P.E. is important, for confidence, health, following directions, working with others, etc. etc. etc.

  8. Hey Brother from another Mother…glad we found each other! There are some similarities, but I think I drop more F bombs. KABOOM! I totally dig your message.
    (And thanks for the kind words on my blog. Hope you get a laugh out of the latest. BACHMANN – The Loony Mid-West Stepford Wife on Biblical Barbiturates!

  9. Great goal Pete, is your name Pete? Not sure though.. Sorry 🙂

    It maybe difficult but you must have real devotion to attain this goal… I’m not sure how good I could support but sure i will help by sharing your posts 🙂

    Keep it up!!

    • Thank you April for the visit. Yes my name is pete and i am he father of 3 daughters and 1 granddaughter and i believe in our youth and there future. If i can inspire one i will be happy. And i am positive you can support my efforts. That’s why i follow your blog. Please also read my WHAT YOU THINK YOUR A MAN and FATHER IS WHAT I AM.

  10. From the few seconds I’ve visited your blog, I see you educate with a powerful punch. Love it! Keep it up. Even if one person listens, you’ve down your job.

  11. Thank you for the support… Yes i am trying to reach as many young people as i can regardless of their ethnicity, gender,or life style choice. I have to be colorful in my language as they can smell fake a mile away and don’t respond well to preaching. But i don’t want to alienate my adult audience as i need them to contribute to the conversation with their life experiences and lessons learned.

  12. Hi Pete, I admire your goals and just read several of your posts. I love your raw and honest way of speaking, and how you manage to do so with respect and care for your audience while still keepin’ it real. Thank you for subscribing – I too will definitely be coming back to your blog for more!

  13. The world (large and small) need more people like you. You have a new fan!

    • Thank you… I am also a big fan of your writing style. Extremely entertaining. I hope my colorful writing does not offend to many people out there but i really want to reach the youth and they can smell fake from a mile away and don’t respond well to preaching. So i want to speak to them on there level with out JUDGING, Just giving them my perspective purely from my own experiences and not talking down to them or acting superior. Difficult to do but i want to try. I want them to be proud strong men, husbands and fathers and women to believe in and respect themselves. To be happy and safe.

  14. Love your goal, very noble, wishing you all the best.

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