Is this the answer?

Please tell me this is NOT our new reality.

Please tell me this is NOT our new reality.

My heart has been forever wounded by the senseless killings at Newtown CT how is this kind of evil even possible? Where did this life go wrong for that 20-year-old murderer. I will NEVER speak his name. And let’s make one thing crystal clear he is not a troubled child, nor is he mentally challenged, what he is. Is a MURDERER an evil sadistic cold-blooded MURDERER of the innocent. And a 100% COWARD! A pure punk ass fucking COWARD. If he is not then he goes out fighting, guns a blazing. but instead like everybody who commits suicide he is a COWARD who can not fight to make his life better instead takes the easy way out like a pure bitch! This is my heart talking out of pure PAIN and GRIEF out of my natural instinct to attack, to fight, to want to protect the defenseless. Now I have to step back and compose myself and speak without emotion. To be rational, to be positive or his evil will have won. He will have done what he wanted. To be remembered, to be somebody, to have made an impact on our lives. He will NOT! I will not care to ever think about him again. I will not ever give a shit about his life. He does not exist. Fuck him! Let’s speak of the innocent children and the amazing teachers and workers who give of themselves so that they can mold and educate our young. Lets get a national discourse on keeping families whole, on loving our children and not abusing them, on keeping our marriages strong and intact, on giving opportunities and educating our youth to be better to believe in themselves, to want to have the great life that they all can have. Fuck what is so hard about being a good man, a decent man. A good woman, a good mother. What is so hard about taking on the responsibility of caring, nurturing our children, loving our wives, our husbands. Damn it somebody talk to me! Lets get our heads out of our asses. Some one smarter than me needs to help me understand how this life went so wrong. Was a broken household a contributing factor? Was an un-attentive mother or father a factor? Was a lack of discipline or too much discipline a factor? Was there no positive example in his life a factor? Was their abuse in this household. Did anybody ever hug this kid? Or is this kid just pure EVIL?  O-yea one last thing. Wait for it, any day now it will come out that he had some sort of A.D.D. or some sort of shit like that and nobody helped him so we need to feel sorry for him and try to understand. If this is so then we should hold his father responsible for not handling him before he MURDERED 26 beautiful lives. And destroyed countless families.


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8 responses to “Is this the answer?

  1. Forgiveness is not a virtue in this case.

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Wow. Way strong words, Pete. I can really feel your anger.

    All I thought was, imagine dropping Daniel at school, aged 6, 7, 8, and coming back to such a scene, and to his blood all over the concrete ground, drips in footprints fleeing, his soul left his body, his body dead, his life gone – my one, my only Daniel. That’s all I could think. And then, God, my God, I don’t know how those parents are coping. I would want to die, to die. The meaning of life would be snuffed.

    God bless them each, souls passed, and families.

  3. I don’t understand it either. How can anyone understand the supremely complex and inestimable number of factors that lead up to any piece of human behavior? There will be no simple answers. There may be no answers at all. The best we can hope for is some kind of good to come from this. What kind of good? I don’t know. But this seems to be a wake up call of grand proportions, following on the heels of the movie theater massacre, Colombine, and the countless other acts of terrorism around the world. We have to stop terrorizing each other.

  4. I have mixed feelings about this, Pete.
    Yes, the influence of family can’t be overstated. I could never do anything like this because my mom and dad spent a lot of time teaching me about right and wrong.
    Something different in this case is the fact that the perpetrators mental health seems to be at the center of what he did, and how we view and deal with the mentally ill in this country sucks.

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