Sucker Credit Repair

Come on man stop being a SUCKER already. Save your money. Nobody, I mean Nobody, no person, no company can legally repair your credit any faster or cheaper than YOU CAN! First things first GET YOUR CREDIT REPORT and be smart and get it for FREE at even if you have good credit get an updated report to check for any discrepancies. It’s FREE! Here is a little trick. You are allowed 1 free credit report per year from each bureau. So instead of getting one from all 3 bureau’s at the same time AND THEN HAVING TO WAIT FOR A WHOLE YEAR BEFORE YOU CAN GET ANOTHER SET FOR FREE. Just order from one bureau every 4 months and you will always have a fresh FREE report thru out the year. Yes you’re welcome. Next move is to dispute any negative information on your report. You can do this thru the credit bureau website. The credit bureau must remove any negative information on your report that you dispute if they can not verify that the information is accurate. Next pay off any outstanding balances and leave a positive explanation on your file. Next call the creditor who posted to your report and ask them to remove the negative information. Hey it’s worth a try and it wont hurt to try.

This is a great resource on credit repair laws.

A credit repair company is a person or a company that advertises to clean up your credit report. These companies typically advertise that they can erase bankruptcies, liens and judgments from your credit report. BULL SHIT nobody can remove accurate negative information from your credit profile, PERIOD! They sometimes try to set you up with a new identity. In reality, no one can erase accurate information from your credit report and encouraging you to create a new identity is a crime, according to the Federal Trade Commission. One example of a common illegal practice credit repair companies use is to have you create a false identity by applying for an Employer Identification Number to use instead of your Social Security Number. This is illegal, and if you do that, you could be prosecuted.

Read more:  Federal Credit Repair Organizations Act |


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3 responses to “Sucker Credit Repair

  1. I agree with you Pete AND proudly admit that I’m a sucker! I admit to taking the lazy and paid way out. I did hire a credit repair company and they did all that you said that folks could do for themselves. They did an amazing job too. My credit was cleaned up within a year, I was able to finance my car, secure a place to live and even take out a loan for business so my experience has been that there is a legitimate company out there in the universe. As you stated, we really can clean up our credit report ourselves. For me, at the time, I knew that if I hired a company they would be consistent and keep following up, so long as I paid and so long as there were discrepancies to resolve. With that said, I would indeed hire again to help me with this if I were too lazy to do it myself.

  2. Great information and you cut right to the heart of the matter. I like your straight-talk approach that should work for kids of all ages.

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