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STAY away i deserve better!

If you are a punk ass wanna-be man you won’t be able to watch this video in total.

If you are a women you have to see this video for its powerful statement.

If you are a true man you already know you will never put your partner thru this.

You have to watch, listen and feel this entire video! If not then go ahead and leave now to watch some stupid shit like idiot people falling down on some other site.

The reason this video is so amazing is because the artist is so able to convey the deep pain that a women feels when her heart is being ripped apart by a punk ass womanizing bitch of a man. I love it because it shows how strong a woman can be. It shows her at the end of the song how she has grown strong and come to terms that she deserves better. At the beginning she is telling him to stay home with her, not to leave, but by the end she is again telling him to stay – but this time she is saying – STAY with the other women I don’t need you, I deserve better, so go ahead and stay with her.


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