Ask Pete! To break it down.

Ahhh the shit is going to hit the fan now!  By popular demand here it is the definitive ADVISE COLUMN.  No, No, No i am not a professional. What I am is highly educated in the fine art of COMMON SENSE, trained by the school of hard knocks on the streets of the south Bronx in New York City, beaten into submission by my daughters and amazing wife of 36 years. I started this blog to try to offer any advise, or information that can help some body to make a better decision in their life. It seems that when ever i would get into conversation at any social gathering that one of my nephews, friends or other family members would always say to me Pete-break it down! break it down! So for better or worse here we go. A few rules. 1. I will not speak on POLITICS it’s a no win topic it’s all based on opinion and agendas, i have my own opinions and agenda on this topic. Thank you very much! 2. Religion=same as number one. 3. I will give you my best, honest answers. Be warned i can get colorful at times with my answers, but my answers will NEVER, EVER be malicious or personally be directed at you. Unless you get stupid on me and start talking out of your ass. Then all bets are off!  SO BRING IT! COME GET SOME! let’s get a good thread going. Don’t be scared, i see you, i know you want to ask something.

7 responses to “Ask Pete! To break it down.

  1. Do you think that we should have a built in lie detector so someone can tell if we’re lying or not?

  2. hi pete what do you think abot life after death or ghosts

  3. Anonymous

    Hello…I am in need of some advice and wonder if you have an email address?

  4. dawn in nevada

    Hi Pete,

    What do you think of the new program that pays for cell phone as well as minutes for people on welfare? Personally offended that they do not give them to the working poor instead.

    • Welcome! I got you on this one (this means that i will have an answer for you in a day or two). Off the top of my head, i think you are looking at it from the wrong point of view. Don’t think its the welfare recipients fault, this is a money making venture by the cell phone companies and they are taking advantage of the government program. but i will research and post a full post soon. Thanks for the question!

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