Because you come from the hood, you ride or die with your crew, you make it rain, you pop bottles, you have ladies in many zip codes, you push a hot whip? Let me break it down. Any body can knock out any body. That does not make you a man it only makes you bigger, stronger, faster than the other guy. You have a couple of “girl friends” That makes you a womanizer, and abuser, a liar, a phony to the women who think they care about you. You make it “rain”. You “pop bottles” That makes you a financial moron! Spending $350.00 in a club for a $37.00 bottle of vodka . Now let me give you my definition of a man. A man loves and respects his wife/women, loves and protects, educates, and nurtures his children. He does what ever it takes to support his family by educating himself,  seeking to move up and get promotions in his job or working 2,or 3 jobs if he needs to. Not buying that whip if he can not comfortably afford it. A man is the one who has $10.00 left in his pocket and needs to get to work but does not have enough gas in his car, he knows his baby needs milk/diapers so he spends the money on his child and forgets about the gas, Instead he gets up extra early and takes the bus/train to get to work. He does not make excuses for his situation, instead he works to improve it. He embraces his position as the man of the house, does not disrespect his spouse/girlfriend, does not physically or mentally abuse her. Instead he encourages and embraces her and appreciates her contributions to the relationship. This is my definition of a man. So look in the mirror,. Challenge yourself, Believe in yourself and be a MAN……


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19 responses to ““WHAT” YOU THINK YOU’RE A MAN

  1. WOW!…Preach! This is what a man should be. Follow these rules and you shall get your Queen. Love it!

  2. mysterycoach

    Damn you’ve got a lot of energy, come right through the screen. Awesome 🙂

  3. mysterycoach

    Agh, now we’re talking. 🙂 I can’t stand it when I see a man take advantage of a woman’s heart or good nature. Or visa versa, women can do this to men as well. The most interesting thing to me is that those who complain to one another could get together (which they never seem to think of) and live happily ever after.

    May I ask, in your last response to April here, you say that we can help them become a the man of our dreams. It’s been my experience (at times, not all the time) that some are not open to becoming … more, even if it’s for their own benefit. Which is a shame all of itself. Know what I mean? I think you do…

    I have a belief that we carry the standard by which we are treated, we share this belief with the individual in our life and see if we are compatible or capable of giving one another what we need as a person, as a partner. What is interesting to me is the resistance people experience … I understand why it exists, it’s still sad to see.

    • Shit i could spend all day speaking with you! Yes you and I are correct I just don’t think it’s about being open to it. Everybody is open to it. It’s about HEART!! Do you have the heart to fight, to BELIEVE in you! Can you dream far ahead and see the happiness that a true loving and respectful relationship can offer. And what it means to be a man!

      • mysterycoach

        Bring it ! I love a good conversation with a person on the same page as me.
        Yah, that’s what I’m talking about. Exactly right. HEART … you know? I don’t think you’re asking me but yah, I have the heart to fight and to believe. I’ve been fighting this fight for a long time, not to give in to stupidity and less than I want in my life. I’m not about to quit any time soon either.
        And you know, there are variables. We don’t dominate one another, we don’t manipulate and we learn to open up and talk (very hard) and be vulnerable and we learn how to listen (also very hard) … This is what I’m talking about. Oh hell, I need a tissue. 🙂 lol 🙂

  4. Keep spreading the word. This is what all young men should aspire towards.

  5. lifewith4cats

    A man like this does not exist unless a woman finds him and turns him into one, by loving him through both the good AND the bad.

    • Au contraire Sara my friend! These men do exist. For many of them as (was the case for me) it is inside them to be good men, fathers, husbands, partners. The heart is there, the soul is there, the mental capacity is there. What they need is the guidance, the goal, the push that a great women/partner can provide. And this is what i am trying to get across to my young readers. Thank you for helping me get this great point across.So you see we are speaking the same language. Whether it is here or with our partner in crime Jack. Hope he is done moving.

  6. I like your definition of a man. It coincides with what I’m working towards. I had all the thoughts…just not the way to word them. Thanks for wording them for me.

    • Thanks for the visit. I enjoyed your post on music. Also check out my WHAT IS A FATHER post and BECAUSE YOU ARE A BITCH. give me your thoughts and spread the word. And offer some more comments on my say-it page, i know you have alot to say. you’re writing style is very interesting.

  7. Exactly the same man I am looking for. Do you think there are still free man like this that exist? I know a few men like this but they are all taken! 😀

    This is really great and I hope every man on earth would get the chance to read it… Keep posting Pete!

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