Horrific Abuse

WARNING! THIS VIDEO IS DISTURBING, HEART BREAKING, SAD, GRAPHIC.                                                              I am almost speechless, I have a few questions? How does this happen? Why is this not breaking news? Why is there not a national outrage about this video, Why aren’t the parents under arrest? Just simply W.T.F. is going on in life that this is the outcome. There is so much conversation within this video. Please look past the color of the children, this is going on in every group of people. The question is how do we stop it! How do we educate against this. My God this is a child! doing this to babies! What kind of abuse must he be getting at home? This has to be a learned action. I can’t believe he is just pure evil. It must be a product of his environment? I have to stop now, I will update more when I control my anger.   UPDATE: THE VIDEO IS BACK UP AND ACTION IS BEING TAKEN!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!  Why am I so crazy over this? It’s because these are the types of kids i want to touch with my words. Just imagine if this kid grows up to be a 6ft.5 / 280lb. man. what type of pain he will infict on his wife and kids if he does not get help now while he is still young.


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37 responses to “Horrific Abuse

  1. Sad, horrific reality of too many day care centers. You have done well in exposing this…

  2. So disturbing. I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. A lot of dysfunction going on in that place. Those supposed care givers have a lot of explaining to do as well.

  3. This was really horrifying to watch. I’m glad to hear it sounds like some action was taken, but sadly, I have a hard time believing that kid won’t grow up to be a complete sociopath.

  4. I did some checking and I see some action has been taken in this. Although, I don’t really feel satisfied, I hope it doesn’t happen again. I hope that boy gets some REAL help. It really hurts me to know that this goes on all over the place.

  5. Absolutely right Pete, these horrific actions do not exist in a vacuum. This child is as much as the baby he is acting out on.

    • As much a victim is what I meant to say.

    • I am sure that was not his first time hitting. He showed classic signs of an ABUSER, where they abuse in the shadows. He kept looking around to make sure no one was watching, after he hit or bit the baby he would pat the baby on the back to console and say he was sorry and then hit him again, the different types of hits from kicks, punches, bites, hair pull’s, the different babies he abused, how he was angry when the adult paid attention to the crying baby instead of him. This is LEARNED! He has seen this in his life! He probably has been abused! There is so much to talk about in this video if everybody looked past their hate for this kid. These are the kids I wish I could help guide before its to late to help them.

  6. Reblogged this on AURORA MOREALIST ©2011 ~ Writer and commented:
    Be careful, this made me weep… but happens all too often … everywhere …

  7. OMG this made me weep… sharing… I know abuse crosses all cultures but holy terrorist in a child himself… who raised him to do this… holy scary

  8. Hi Pete! I shared this on Facebook, I have over 700 friends on my list. I hope that someone sees this. I was absolutely speechless when I viewed this last night and cant believe that no one saw this going on. He is a devious sick child. He was looking around to see if anyone was watching him while he was doing this. UGH! I hope someone investigates this.

  9. Hey Pete, I tried watching it but couldn’t. In order for someone to see it on your facebook page, they’ll have to already be your FB friend or friend you, and so I sent a request. The request is still pending. Aside from that, I hope that you’re well, its been a long time, you are missed! 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    Hey Pete, I tried watching it but I couldn’t. In order for someone to see it on your facebook page, they’ll have to friend you (or already be your facebook friend), and so I sent a request. The request is still pending. Other than that, I hope you’re well. Its been a long time, you are missed! 🙂

  11. Pete: We lovez you at SH!! You should stop by more often! Now, re this post… unfortunately, the video is no longer available! It must have been pretty horrific to have been taken down so quickly…

    Hope you and all your readers have a great weekend!! SH

  12. I … cant watch it. I will fb tweet or G+ it – and not or but I can not watch it. am I chicken – yes! I am outraged already just by reading the others responses and the fact that you are angry
    so I sat here awhile and decided that that was chicken shit – if I wanted to help then I had to see… the video has been removed for violating You Tube terms of Service… …

    • http://www.facebook.com/pete.va.12 just updated my post. The video is still live on my facebook page. see it there before it gets pulled

      • I am stunned and sick to my stomach. Hsve you found out where its from ? Those little girls- they know this boy – he was telling the second one to shut up – did you see her loo toward the adult.. ??? He has been doing this top them…. are they siblings??? HOly FUcking Shit… I used to work at a daycare.. you don;t put kids .. those kids are relaed and they are used to that awful horrible ….they werent crying Pete.. he smashed the baby and the second girl in the front… they weren;t crying… if he didn;t know and abuse those girls regualrly they woulf have screamed bloody murder and the fucking idiot daycare workder would have turned her sorry as around… she wasn;t watching – she had her back turned…
        I have to throw up – excuse me…..

        • Lizzie my dear i am sorry for making you feel so bad. Action now is being taken at that day care center. I had to post it. I saw it the first day it was posted next day it was taken down and by that time it only had like 800 views. At some point i will continue the post for open dialogue between us my incredible readers.

          • No worries about it.. you didn;t make me feel bad the video did – those poor kids…also with it being taken down I felt helpless, I was going to reblog, tweet and+1 but many people without the visual .would not take any notice or simply say..oh no video ok and move on. So besides the disturbing video, it was also the feeling of wanting to help and not having a clue how. I am glad to hear they are doing something about it.. curious who posted it and if that was why they did…to show what was going on.

            I guess what troubles me the most is that while people are arguing about whether Joe Paterno should have a statue at Penn State Anymore becasue of a ridiculous witch hunt that destroyed a man’s reputation, whether Obama was actually born here (um ya know cause he s been prez for 4 years…) and whether Romney should or shouldn;t show us his tax returns…. ( i care more about my tax doillars than his tax returns thanks ) while we shitfling ans try to make each other … anyways..

            this was happening right here in our great country. It got taped..
            I am glad you posted it. Keep on fighting the good fight my friend.. I will help any way I can….

  13. I certainly hope they did something about him — and even moreso that they did something about the daycare worker who was nearby, saw him and failed to intervene.

  14. I’m going to reblog this if its all right.

  15. He is one bad bastard, if he is not stopped he will commit murder later in life.

  16. This makes me cry. This makes me pissed. This makes me want to run and find that little one and get them to safety. I don’t get why this happened. I don’t understand and I’m heartsick at this. I couldn’t finish watching the whole thing, it’s so horrible. To watch that and not be able to do anything at that moment. Why would anyone let this happen? Why isn’t there anyone paying attention to what’s happening?

  17. I have no words after watching that.
    Ok, I’m breathing normally again. this is the first time I saw that.
    Tell me Child Services checked that kid’s family out.
    And please tell me they shut down whatever facility has all the kids hanging out unsupervised.

    • Guapo I don’t know. That is why I have emailed the news agencies. Blogged about it, post it to my Facebook. Emailed my contacts. This needs to be rebloged and shared! According to the time stamp on the video it happen only a few days ago. What posses me off is that it has 800 views and stupid cat videos get millions of views

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