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Horrible Bosses Review

Horrible Bosses on blue ray is a must own DVD! This is one funny ass movie, great cast and fast paced. 3 best buds Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day work for absolute nightmare bosses. one is an overbearing pretentious scumbag played by Kevin Spacey. One is a total douche bag played by colin farrell and the 3rd. played by Jennifer Aniston is a super hot man-eater, dear lord why can’t she be my boss? I’ve been a good boy. The fellas all have a horrible existence at their jobs and during a night out drinking get the bright idea that killing their bosses is their only option. But because they are whiter than a klu Klux klan sheet they decide that they will need a murder consultant, enter Mother fucker (aka) Jamie Fox who quickly takes advantage of their dumb asses, takes their money and inspires the brilliant plan where each guy kills each others boss. What ensues is a lot of funny moments. If you enjoyed The Hangover or Bridesmaids you will love this movie. If you are a dude. Get ready for some serious eye candy. Jennifer Aniston is drop dead gorgeous and a dirty, sexy as hell woman. One of her funniest lines is when she is in her office (she is a dentist) almost naked, her doctors jacket is fully un-buttoned and she has nothing on underneath and you will find yourself begging for the double-sided tape that you know is holding that jacket from opening up and making your dreams come true, to fail! She sits down behind her desk and says “did you see my pussy” I swear I felt 2 drops of pee come out while I was laughing out loud. Holy mother of every thing that is right in the world, this is one fine ass woman. What she does to a banana should be against the law! I turned to my wife and said BABY if Jennifer knocks on our door, you gotta go! you gotta get out! don’t pack anything, just get out! i will buy you all new shit! She turned and said WHY I GOTTA GET OUT, WE WILL BOTH DO HER!  I said MY MAN! gave her a fist bump, put my arm around her and continued to watch the movie. And this ladies and gentlemen is why i love my wife and why we have been together for almost 40 years. Fun and fast movie!


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I loved every second of this movie. I go to these types of movies to be entertained not to be educated or to find the meaning of life. Go to www.thehatchettimes.wordpress.com for a full blown review when available. That details plots, characters, directors, story lines, you know shit like that. The hatchet times is brilliant. All the main stream reviewers are killing this movie over its violence and treatment of the women characters plus unbelievable story line… UH DUH… IT’S A FREAKING MOVIE, you know NOT REAL. And we all know that you have to say what you say because you have to please your stuffy, overly sensitive, politically correct networks, bosses, advertisers and viewers. I saw the trailer, i know the director is from the WATCHMEN and 300. So i went to see it hoping and expecting to see extreme violence (check) hot women in tight outfits (check) amazing stunning special effects – CGI (double-check) poor acting (check) and for all you pimple faced gamers who are whining that it’s a poor version of a video game. You should have stayed home. Cleaned your pacifier, changed your pamper and continued to play your RPG’S in your dark lonely rooms. If you enjoy movies like INCEPTION, KICK ASS, KILL BILL, NINJA ASSASSINS, SIN CITY, you know movies that are different and creative that are just plain fun and entertaining. Then SUCKER PUNCH is a movie you should see just because it is fun. If you want to see a GREAT movie that is thought provoking, emotionally moving and possibly life changing that every body in the world should see but won’t because the main stream media and reviewers type cast it as just another BLACK MOVIE. Is the incredible movie FOR COLORED GIRLS. It should have been named FOR ALL GIRLS. Rent this movie – see this movie and use it as a teaching moment!

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