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Angies list? is not my list!

This is one of those company’s that I do not have a major problem with I just don’t get why some one would pay to offer reviews or read reviews. I also am bothered by the slick marketing and fluff in the print copy. What do I mean by fluff? its like a new car sticker that list 100 items on it. The sticker shows things like included  4 tires, side view mirrors, trunk carpet. No shit you really have to tell me that it will come with 4 tires? mirrors? carpet? What I can get 4 crates instead? Well angies list on their website. List MSNBC, NY TIMES, FOX & FRIENDS, TODAY and US NEWS prominently like they are some kind of endorsement. In reality they say very little more than fluff.

NY TIMES: “Not sure where to look for a reliable contractor? …join Angie’s List.”

FOX & FRIENDS: “Angie’s List is the premier agency for finding consumer reviews on just about any service, from plumbing to health.”

The next thing that bothers me is this statement:

Why Angie’s List is better than free review sites:

  • No anonymous reviews.  BIDPETE calls BULLSHIT
  • Certified data collection process prevents  companies and providers from reporting on themselves  or their competitors.  BIDPETE calls DOUBLE BULLSHIT

I in fact know of one company and have worked for another that offered their employees incentives to go home and write phony reviews about the company they work for so the company’s rating on angies list can go up. (will tell you in a minute why rating to a company are important) NO anonymous reviews. How dopey do you really have to be to believe this one? Anybody can makeup a Hotmail, yahoo, Gmail account to write positive reviews on a company.

The next thing that bothers me is this statement:

  • Companies can’t pay to be on Angie’s List
  • Reviews come from real people like you, not anonymous users

Companies can’t pay to be on angies list. True. Well sort of. This is slick and in my book equal to the “reach around” Companies do not pay to get into angies list, but once they are on angies list they pay big to get their company higher on the list!  Here is a small sample of a letter a company received once they were on angies list. Make sure members choose you by becoming a featured company on Angies list. Web placement or keyword advertising: Appear on the first page of search results so members can easily find and access your reviews. Call center advertising. Be 1 of only 4 referrals provided when a member calls Angies list looking for a highly rated service provider in your category. This last one is the one that really bothers me, if I am working on the premise that I should trust a company because of the reviews, and then I call Angies list call center and they recommend the top 4 company’s because the company’s paid to become one of the top 4. Then the reviews don’t matter so why am I reading them or writing them? Reviews are worthless if they are not the only thing that rates a company.

Reviews come from real people not anonymous users: Slick wording going on here! Yes no anonymous users are allowed, what they mean is that you must have a valid email. You can’t just write as anonymous. But as I said anyone can make up a fictitious email address and then write a review. Yes a real person but still anonymous and not a true review. Angies list would probably counter by saying that they charge for membership to make sure that the person is real, and BIDPETE will counter that if I own a company on Angies list, the monthly fee of $13.60 to be a member is an acceptable cost of doing business to have my employees or friends  write positive reviews on my company. I could go on and on, but what I want is for you to look at everything around you with open eyes. Be an educated consumer.


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Rope-A-Dope 1.0

Need to lose 30lbs?  Try sensa FREE*! Ah the wonderful world of marketing. The definition for marketing: The process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service. Now my definition of Marketing: The rope-a-dope, The now you see it now you don’t, The art of manipulation, The technique of making shit smell good. marketing’s job is to convince you that you need, want, must have, or that there is some value in the product or service it is trying to sell. Learn it, study it as you might need to market yourself at some time in your life. Now lets break down the two first lines how i see them. Need to lose 30lbs? This a basic sales tool, to get the targeted consumer to always be saying YES! you want the consumer to get used to saying yes to all of your questions. So that when you get to the end of the sale, typically known as the close of the deal you will be inclined to say yes since you have said it thru out the presentation. And since this is a lose weight product the targeted consumer will always be looking to lose weight. Hence say yes. Got it! Second without actually saying that you will lose 30lbs the ad subliminally implies that you could lose 30lbs with their product. But when you look at the fine print you will see something like this is an average or its possible if you also follow a strict eating plan or exercise program. Now the second line. Try the product FREE*! Here is where they hit you with their get out of jail free card the Dreaded ASTERIX SYMBOL! Look around some where in the ad you will see the asterix symbol again and this time it will be full of disclaimers where you will find out that free is not really free. Definition of free: Costing nothing; Gratuitous, free! There will be some sort of shipping and handling charge or that you must enter into some sort of membership, or buy something else to get this product or service free. UNDERSTAND, PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION TO EVERY PART OF AND AD OR PRESENTATION. MARKETING IS HOPING TO ROPE-A-DOPE YOU INTO THEIR DEAL. DONT FALL FOR IT. I know nothing about sensa, i have no comment on sensa. It is just an ad i saw on-line and i am using it as an example. Look at it for yourself and i bet you will find a shit load of disclaimers!


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