Puting your BLOG on BLAST!

Time to BREAK IT DOWN urban style!  So i have been nominated for the prestigious VERSITAL BLOGGER AWARD by my hommie (JAM) Aurora at http://auroramorealist.wordpress.com/ and I think that I am double dipping because Amanda at http://creativeoutlettofreemybrainofsomanyrandomthoughts.wordpress.com/ also has nominated my off the hook, seriously banging, keeping it real blog! Yea Boyyyy. A few rules put upon me by the man before I can put your blog on blast. Ok, Ok I’m embarrassed now, time to stop acting  a fool. The truth is that i am excited about any opportunity to NET WORK! The beauty of the internet and the blog world is that you can connect to a vast pool of knowledge and experiences, from all walks of life and around the world. Some of my readers are from Saudi Arabia, Australia, england, Jamaica, Korea, Canada and of course the U.S.A. just to name a few. The reason net working is important to me is that I really believe that i have readers who do not comment or subscribe but who are helped by some of the information and comments on this site. And so i want share it with as many as I can. So pass it along and read and subscribe to the blogs that I am nominating and keep the chain letter moving! Come on pep’s this only works if you click thru my blog on to the nominated sites and then if you see some thing you like go ahead and SUBSCRIBE to the site or at least comment. If you are already a subscriber to my site, then you the Man! If you are not already a subscriber or commenter, then do it NOW! and be the Man! Hope I win. Don’t want to be the Susan Lucci of the blog world. I did not name sites like Lorna’s and others because they are already multiple nominees and crazy popular already. One last thing: If you are a woman you gotta join the Crazy Chicks Club at http://lafemmeroar.wordpress.com/crazy-chicks-club-ccc/ And if you are a dude you have to stalk this site (no I don’t mean put a stocking over your head and stare at the computer. That is creepy) I mean check them out, peruse the site, do a little reconnaissance, you know learn whats up with the other half so you can be a better partner.

1. I am to thank the person who nominated my site and link back to them here on this post (check)

2. I have to divulge 7 things about myself

3. Nominate 15 blogs that i follow for this Award.

In no particular order:

http://lindachorney.wordpress.com/ Beautiful, out of control funny blog. I think she was in the air force because she drops the F-bomb big time.     http://aprillugod.wordpress.com/ A happy and positive single mom.http://amorsthoughts.wordpress.com/ A cool dude with a naughty blog.http://angryrantdotcom.wordpress.com/ An American hero, a U.S. MARINE who tells it like it is. http://hawleyville.wordpress.com/ A great read! Don’t hold the fact that she is a Steelers fan against her. http://pdwms.wordpress.com/ A strong professional woman, accountant with a sense of humor. http://wellshutmymouth.com A sassy mouthed mom. http://wordsfallfrommyeyes.wordpress.com/ Nice personal blog.    http://undertheabaya.wordpress.com The diary of a single American woman living in Saudi Arabia. Great blog. http://drinkswellwithothers.wordpress.com/ Very smart blog with a funny twist. babystepstoadulthood.wordpress.com A life lessons blog.http://stoopidhousewives.com/ professionally run blog that is very funny and kills the Housewives franchise. http://thehatchettimes.com/ If you like anything horror, this is a must read blog! http://guesswhatididtoday.wordpress.com/ Sam is a fun read. http://haileyerin.wordpress.com/ She will move you to tears!

1. Husband who is deeply in love with his Amazing wife. I don’t just love my wife, I am in love with her for over 35 years.

2. Grandfather of a beautiful 5-year-old girl.

3. Former Sgt. in the United States Marine Corps from the 1970’s

4. Not the brightest bulb in the box but I am a Common Sense Genius!

5. I think that i have a great sense of humor and very VERSITAL (hint,hint) I can hold my own in a conversation with any professional as well with any gang banger on any street corner.

6. Some times to a fault I am too Trusting, Loyal and positive. I am also a semi Chauvinist what I mean is that I do not subscribe to the 50/50 partnership. By definition this is a stalemate, no decisions can be made. Some one has to have a deciding vote? That why in my home its 49/51. In every relationship some one has to be the dominant one. Be honest . It could be the Woman or the Man. You decide in your own situation. I will offer a full post on this touchy subject in the near future.

7. I love, love love Smooth Jazz like PURE PLEASURE bY PHIL PERRY


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49 responses to “Puting your BLOG on BLAST!

  1. Awesome post! Definitely going to check some of the links out.

  2. nubienne

    I’m new so thanks for subscribing!

  3. Congrats on your conquest of WordPress!
    Well done.

  4. jdc-witherton

    Oi’ Mate, thanks for checking out my brand new blog. I really appreciate the follow too because I am trying to find something to do here that is both fun and productive at the same time. Like I said friend, I am just getting started but watch me grow. Enjoyed the look around your blog and even bookmarked a few pages that I want to keep for reference, Brilliant mate, thanks again hope you continue to rock my blog

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  6. Ha 49/51 thats a good point and funny. Anyone with any common sense would know that it should always depend on the situation.

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  8. I suck and just now ventured over here to see this. Thanks for the nomination! I love your site and will most definitely be putting the word out there about you and many of the other kickass bloggers featured in this post. Trust me, I know plenty of people who could use some truth in their life and you, my friend, are just the man to give it to them!

  9. Hey Pete! thanks for nominating me and you obviously deserve these nominations too!!!! I’m sure you have touched many souls already and you will definitely be rewarded with so much love… I hope I can also quench your readers’ thirst for positive outlook. Keep it up! 🙂

  10. You deserve nominations Pete!! I’m sure your blogs have already quenched many thirsty souls and you will be rewarded with definitely great things!

    Also thanks for appreciating and sharing my site. Hope I can also touch your readers… Keep it up! 🙂

  11. Hey Pete! Thanks for the mention, and sorry for the late response. My computer has decided to take a dump on me which is awesome when you’re a blogger, right? Jeep keepin’ it real, Pete!

  12. Thanks, Pete. Glad you enjoy my writing :-). And thanks for the list of blogs to check out! I’ve found some really great laughs in that list. Love them! Most all my faves have come via you!! BTW – I adore your 7 things — especially #1. Maybe we can clone you — I’m shopping 🙂

    • Ahhh Miss? Williams You are welcome! These are just a few, I could only list 15. I follow some amazing people. You are certainly one of them. You know can we talk? I don’t know how you can just love your partner. I deeply love my children, my parents. I love sports, music, movies. But I am IN LOVE with my wife, like a school boy is in love with his first crush, can’t wait to see her, speak to her, he thinks about her all day, his heart races when he is around her. If she is your best friend, your confidant, your soulmate, your lover how can you not feel this way? This is no bullshit it has been this way for over 25 years. The first 10 were difficult, but my wife is amazing of character and strength and she saw the heart in me that i did not see. And she fought to have this life that we now share.

      • Oh, I SO love that!! You are THE MAN and Mrs Pete is one very lucky woman 🙂

        • Thank you. And her name is Gladys, I call her Negra which in it’s simplest form means black woman. My wife is not black but I use it in the spanish form which is a term of endearment. Basically meaning dark and lovely. And if I put her on the phone with you will you tell her how lucky she is! Ha Ha i’m a fool Because the truth is that I am the lucky one. (shhhhhhh we can’t tell her that because I have to stay in charge) You know that 49/51 thing.

  13. Pete: Many thanks for including my site!! Bytheway… don’t wanna go all mushy here, but love your site and congratulations for any recognition that comes your way. Go Steelers! (Couldn’t help myself…)

    • Ahhhhh my dear friend for you to even know that my dopey site exist is crazy to me. Stoopid Housewives has to be one of the top 10 sites on WP. i DON’T KNOW WHO RULES THE BLOG WORLD BUT THEY NEED TO LIKE; IMMORTALIZE YOUR SITE. And that’s not how you spell GIANTS! It’s Go Giants! come on say it after me Goooooooo Giants!

  14. Thank you! Can’t wait to check out some of the others you mentioned that I haven’t read yet! And ummm … you mean there are folks who WOULD hold being a Steelers fan against me : )?

  15. mysterycoach

    Well hello Oh Feisty one LOL 🙂 Nice to meet you. I like the baggy pants rant already. I don’t get that concept either. MC

    • Well hello back. I’m Pete and i am very excited that you have finally taken a look. I have been stalking your site for a while and think that it great. And now you know. since you gotta know everything!

      • mysterycoach

        Well I had no idea and I’m flattered that you’ve been perusing. I think you signed up to read too. Course, I haven’t had too much to say lately but I’ll be back in full swing eventually. LOL 🙂 I like knowing! Confusion is no good, bad for the brain and one’s life, although I do understand that black and white isn’t the ultimate way to think.

  16. Hey! Appreciate the mention BDP . . .

  17. Congrats and like your 7 things, nice to know you better 🙂

  18. Congrats and thank you!!!! You are always an interesting read! Good luck!!!

  19. Thanks for the nomination and congrats on being doubly nominated! Awesome stuff <<>>

  20. Congratulations and thanks for mentioning the Crazy Chicks Club 🙂

  21. wordsfallfrommyeyes

    Break it down, HUGE congratulations to you – I do believe you deserve it, too :). I LOVED the 7 things about yourself, really interesting stuff. And you named me! How awesome! Thank you so much. It JUST SO HAPPENS that literally five minutes ago, I finished making my blogroll & I put a link to you on my blogroll. How funny is that! So, back atya.

  22. I wann be the man.. inspired reads, so goo luck and keep it going

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