Underworld is BACK!

Be still my beating heart, relent my dear Wood, only a few more weeks before these glorious eye’s can gaze upon the beauty that is the magnificent DEATH DEALER extraordinaire Kate Beckinsale! Oh Yea the hottest kick ass woman in a  body suit is BACK! And this time she is in 3D. Is there anything hotter than a sexy woman in a body suit? let me answer that for you – YES!  a Sexy woman naked,  a sexy woman naked playing twister, a sexy woman naked playing twister while eating a banana. OK, OK way to f-up a wet dream. It was a rhetorical question you dream killing zombie. Shit I would rather have a weeks worth of E.D. than to ask you guys another question. Now back to my fantasy if that’s ok with you mister no life having. But just think about Hally Berry as storm from x-men or Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity) from the Matrix and who can forget Scarlett Johansson from Iron Man.  Plus I bet you could name about a thousand other. But none is hotter or more bad ass than Kate. I am a big fan of the underworld franchise and I can not wait for the latest installment in 3D. Here is the trailer for your viewing pleasure.


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26 responses to “Underworld is BACK!

  1. Sweet! Had no idea they were making another Underworld – and yes, I love Kate Beckinsale too!

  2. AND….the underworld is hot, which makes the their hotness greater I suppose. BUT….in real life…I’ll quote my friend’s husband…”Hot clothes and lingerie look great, on the floor.”

  3. What about a woman who wears and orange jumpsuit stabs trash by the side of the freeway? You can’t get anymore bad ass than that. Period. End of Story.

  4. Dude, there’s nothing hotter than a hot woman in a sexy body suit!! Sighs, if only!

  5. I absolutely LOVE this series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But what happened to Scot Speedman? Oh well, now I have something to look forward to in 2012!!!! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  6. Only in the movies do men crave a woman with power. In real life, it’s a whole different matter altogether… 😉 Sure the sexy garments are fine, but most men wouldn’t find a woman with a weapon appealing if she’s in his living room. Interesting.

    • Good morning Lorna! An thats why they call it entertainment. And thats why I am here, and they pay me the big bucks to resolve lifes little interesting dilemmas. Most men I know want a strong confident and powerful to some extent (minus the weapons) partner at home but a freak in the bed! or the living room, kitchen, bathroom, basement, garage etc. etc. etc…………….So get those body suits dry cleaned ladies its super hero time!

      • Uh I have been pondering this reply for a minute – I don’t know how I missed it the other day and gee while I may be stretching an old bodysuit – sad too because when it fit 20 years ago I was a HOTTY Hot Hot but I’m not much for beating dead horses – but so what you are saying here is that men want women with – freaky power? Cause I got all kinds of that. I thought is was my superpower. Even had a logo that went with the bodysuit ( – ok that’s how it really got stretched out I admit and I am posting inane comments so I can feel better – ya know “oh yes my poor bodysuit that I used to Rock – oh yeah it’s all stretched out cause I went over to Pete’s blog and sacrificed it so that the poor dead horse could rest in piece – I mean peace – ) It was a big PF – Powerful Freak – I just found that it was too intimidating so now I wear glasses. You know – to hide my identity. And so you are saying that men want me? um…I feel a blog coming… maybe ….anyways I had to ask cause I always do. 🙂 Peace

  7. I must say, I have no idea of which you speak but once I got the visual, kate in her hot bodysuit rings familiar. I must have seen a bit of this. I actually can half rock.a bodysuit as long as the lighting is right, the angles are maintained and no sudden movements required. Kind of takes out the kick ass element. But I woukd be happy to provide a pic …to add to the post. Give Kate a run for her momey. Lol who.am I kidding ? I need to get my.coffee before I comment.on posts. Lol.
    peace 😉

    • Luv you. never get coffee first. we need the funny! I actually can half rock.a bodysuit. Yea but can you do it while playing twister. Ha Ha i kid!

      • Well yes I think I could. I ‘m not much of a Twister player I was a geekus when Twister was…oh wait that’s when it was a party game …or foreplay…..either way I didn’t get to play much but I’m thinking the biggest problem with this scenario is the issues with the body suit. hmmmmm. if I can keep the lights dim to minimize effects of sudden movement…….ummm Yes!! I can ! Bring it! I ain’t skird…:-P

  8. I love Underworld! Before I got pregnant, I used to lay in bed and watch one of those movies and fall asleep. I don’t know why vampire movies make me feel relaxed, but they do! I guess I’m twisted. 😀

    • Yes i am a big fan of underworld. Not of sifi, vampires or horror movies because i am a scary cat. But these movies have most of what i like in movies. Hot females, lots of blood and action, special effects and no acting!

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