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Veterans: True American Heroes

Forget the politics of AMERICA’S conflicts, regardless of your personal views on whether america should or should not be involved in any wars around the world. We should still be SUPPORTIVE and PROUD of our brave Men and Women who do not make the decisions to go to war or why we go to war or how we fight the wars. They just answer the call to serve and they are ready to pay the ultimate price of life or limb in the defence of this great country we call AMERICA. They are TRUE AMERICAN HEROES! And we as americans at the very least should THANK them. Take the opportunity to thank a solider/veteran here on this page or tell a story of your solider/veteran or brag about your branch of service. SEMPER-FI. To my fellow brothers and sisters I simply and humbly say THANK YOU! for I know of your sacrifices and of your families sacrifices. To my fellow americans I say sleep well for some where in the world there is a member of the armed forces at the ready to protect and defend your way of life.


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