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Is it Racist, Discrimintory, or Stupid?


I never claim to have all the answers or always to be correct. For this post I need your help because I can not reconcile how I feel. A couple of days ago I saw this sign and my brain locked up! I could not figure out how I was feeling. Was I angry, was I dumbfounded, did I agree, was I over-analysing. WTF was going on in my head over this seemingly simple sign. Is this statement Racist? Are they unfairly targeting minorities / African-Americans? Are they profiling? are they discriminating against our youth? Can they legally enforce this policy? Who died and made them the GOD of choice or good taste. The more I stared at the sign the angrier I became and the more confused I became. As you my savvy followers already know from my last post on this saggy / baggy pants issue and what I am trying to carry out with this site. That this is touchy for me. Go back and read that last post here https://breakitdownpete.wordpress.com/2011/08/05/baggy-pants-seriously/ and you will understand why I feel the way I feel about this sign. Well now it’s your turn to answer some of these questions that I am having such a hard time answering. Is it racist? First thing to consider. Do only minorities wear saggy pants or hoodies? My answer is NO. But then they had to throw in the DU-RAG. Now this I do tend to associate with minorities, specifically African-Americans. What say you? Next to consider, are they profiling? My answer is Yes. But Are they? Are they associating this style with the dangerous, the disruptive, the un-educated, the troublemaker? Or are they just stupid and over reacting to their customers who do not like this style? Did their customers even complain? or is this company jumping the gun anticipating this to be a problem with their customers. Are their customers racist? and aren’t the people who chose this style also their customers? after all this is a business geared towards the young. Should we now judge people by their taste and style of clothing? How about people who wear skinny jeans, wife beater tee shirts, piercings, tattoos etc.If you are wearing a hoodie are you a trouble maker or predator or are you just cold and this is a comfortable multi purpose sweater / jacket. If you wear a Du-rag are you a rapper, drug dealer? If you wear baggy / saggy pants are you a gang banger or a recently released convict? Maybe yes and maybe no to these questions. But should you be judged any more for your choice in clothing than say a woman is judged by her clothing when she is sexually attacked because of how she dresses. Or should we judge a wall street worker by the suit he wears and assume he is good and financially secure when in reality maybe he is a financial phony deep in debt, a schemer running a Ponzi scheme, or a wife abuser, cocaine addict. So what is this sign really saying? Is it saying we don’t want your kind, your trouble making kind, your minority kind, your black kind…. Am I completely wrong on this one? Am I over reacting? I just feel so strong that we need to educate our youth and guide them, not minimise and push them away.


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