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Sex Position Names

https://breakitdownpete.wordpress.com/2012/05/11/sex-position-names-link/ Click this link for the answers with pictures!

Ahhhhhhhh Shit, finally! My Man! you are going to break down the sex thingggggggggggg! First things first, you can get all kinds of wound up just from the names of some of the positions! Now I have been around for a long time and this is not my first rodeo. But WTF out of about 35 sex position names I could only identify about 3. SON OF A BITCH I’m pissed, but on the floor in tears with laughter over visualizing theses names. Give it your best shot and see if you know what some of these positions are. Spell some of them out for me if you think you can. In a few days I will share the link to the pictures and descriptions to the names of the positions. If you are nice to me of course? 1. The pretzel dip 2. Flatiron 3. G-wiz 4. Face off 5. Cowgirls helper 6. Leap frog 7. Ballet dancer 8. Cork screw 9. Wheel barrow 10. X-factor 11. The caboose 12. Stand and deliver 13. Butter churner 14. The seashell 15. Magic mountain 16. The pinball wizard 17. Valedictorian.    SERIOUSLY? THE PRETZEL DIP!
Disclaimer: Warning: Unless you work for cirque du soleil some of these positions can kill you! or at least dislocate something. Holy flying salami I think I need a cigaret and a nap after reading this list. Or at the very least a shower!

UPDATE!   So Mr. Guapo-lisious has thrown down the gauntlet. Him and his young self, hanging from ceiling fans and shit! Now I ain’t no spring chicken but we have some moves of our own cause my woman is all acrobatic and shit, don’t let the grey hairs fool you. We got moves like  1. The wheel chair  2. The sit down and don’t move  3. The Advil  4. The oops my bad  5. The resuscitation.  6. The don’t you wish.  These are just a few because I can’t give you all my moves in one post. You young kids ain’t ready for all that freakness!

My Grown Folk back me up on this one (Ha,Ha I said back me up. Thats my secret move.) Let these young kids know how we roll!


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