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Rent-a-center or Rip u off-a-center

Ok did you fall down and hit your head? Because you have to be out of your mind to ever rent anything from this place. Let’s look at one recent on-line ad at rentacenter.com dated 11/4/2010 in this ad for $24.99 per week, you can rent either a 40″ Toshiba LED HDTV or Acer touch screen computer. Now let’s do the math. For the T.V. its $24.99  x 104 weeks for a total of $2,598.96  Thats 2 years worth of payments and they list the retail value at $1,149.00 but i bet if you shop this T.V. around you can find it for a much lower retail price. I myself  just last week purchased at Target stores in New Jersey a 55″ LED  HDTV 120hz  for $1,299.00. And that’s 15 inches larger plus it has internet apps included for only $150.00 more then their quoted retail value and $1,299.96 less then the total you will pay after the 104 payments. For the Acer computer its $24.99 x 78 weeks for a total of $1,949.22 with a quoted retail value of $779.00 and this does not include applicable sales taxes or optional fees and other charges (like late payment charges) also in the fine print which is at the very bottom of the sales ad page with all the legal language in all the various states you will also find the money back guarantee that MUST BE EXERCISED WITHIN THE FIRST WEEK FOR A FULL REFUND!  Are you kidding me, gangsters have better deals. Stop turn around, do not walk through that door. You do not need that t.v, computer, appliance or furniture that bad. Save does payments on your own for a few  months and look for a sale at your local retailer. Once you walk through that door the high pressure sales pitch will start. Note that they also offer ridicules financial services that you could also be sold on. Don’t put yourself in that position. TURN AROUND.


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