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Be True 2 Who U Are!

I stare at my reflection in the mirror… Why am i doing this to myself? Losing my mind on a tiny error, i nearly left the real me on the shelf no, no, no, no Don’t loose who you are in the blur of the stars. SEEING IS DECEIVING, DREAMING IS BELIEVING. IT’S OK NOT TO BE OK… Some times it’s hard to follow your heart. Tears don’t mean you’re loosing, everybody’s bruising JUST BE TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE… Brushing my hair do i look perfect? I forgot what to do to fit the mold, yeah! The more I try the less it’s working. yea, yea, yea Cause every thing inside me screams no, no, no, no Don’t loose who you are in the blur of the stars. SOME TIMES IT’S HARD TO FOLLOW YOUR HEART…

Powerful words coming from a poet? NO. From a psychologist? NO. From an educator? NO. They are the lyrics from an incredible music artist named JESSIE J. who has released a great CD. That reminds us that we are all special in our own ways, that we are not perfect that we make mistakes and when we make a mistake we should own it, learn from it and move on. And people should forgive us. And we can be who we are. short, tall, fat, skinny, black, white, yellow, brown, green, gay, straight, handicapped, or able, rich or poor. Just be TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE. Love and respect yourself. Dream the big dream, believe and achieve.

I never meant to hurt ya. I know it’s time that i learned to treat the people i love like i wanna be loved. This is a lesson learned. I hate that I let you down and i feel so bad about it, I guess karma comes back around cause now I’m the one who’s hurting yea and i hate that i made you think that the trust we had was broken, so don’t tell me that you can’t forgive me cause nobody’s PERFECT no, no, no, no, nobody’s PERFECT!


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