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Appropriate yet inappropriate photos

I told you not to make the HULK ANGRY!

http://lafemmeroar.wordpress.com/ Said:  St. Patrick’s Day Hangover

http://guapola.wordpress.com/ Said:  “And you thought blueballs were bad?”

http://amorsthoughts.wordpress.com/ Said:  Here’s to GOING GREEN

Appropriate for my site yes! For my usual readership, hell Yes! For other stick up the ass, bouche, condescending sites whose readers have the attention span of a gerbil, the sense of humor of a comma patient – Maybe not so much! I have decided that this week I am going to just let my hair down and have some  fun with some sexy photo campaigns from ad agencies from around the world. Like they say Sex sells. These are ads that push the inappropriate line of sex innuendos to sell a product or idea. I am going to give you some of my own twisted, seriously inappropriate captions and you see if you can add an even better caption then mine in your comments! Come on now, my usual suspects. Dont let me down I know how funny and dirty you guys can get! come get some! Dont make me call you out by name! Stoopidhousewifes, Lafemmeroar, Lizziecracked, Lorna, J.a.m, Guapo, Ohmar, Cayman, Linda, Lorrelee…………..I will copy some of your captions into my post next to my captions so they show up on the post and we can compare, funny for funny and dirty for dirty.

Make my Martini JERCKED NO STIRRED!           Enjoy your COCKtail!

http://lafemmeroar.wordpress.com/ Said:  Deep throating can get your drunk

http://amorsthoughts.wordpress.com/ Said:  THIS will make you speak German … TULOSBA!!

 http://articlesofabsurdity.wordpress.com/ Said:  Kill 2 birds with one stone. Put it in and drink it up, but not necessarily in that order

Practice safe food, always wear a hair net when EATING TACO!      To save a life remember; 3 short breaths followed by chest compressions.

http://lafemmeroar.wordpress.com/ Said:  Bushtache

http://guapola.wordpress.com/ Said:  “I wanted a chainsaw like in Army of Darkness, but they said this would be safer”  “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY WIFE, CLOUSEAU??!?”

http://amorsthoughts.wordpress.com/ Said:  I hate parsley on my food, but this is fine!

http://articlesofabsurdity.wordpress.com/ Said:  Discount if you cum together.

To kneel or not to kneel that was the question? I like your answer!

http://lafemmeroar.wordpress.com/ Said:  I worship the Schlong

http://guapola.wordpress.com/ Said:  “Flirt Vodka – for disinfecting the worst cuts and scratches”

http://amorsthoughts.wordpress.com/ Said:  Flirt Vodka will make you happy … real happy

http://articlesofabsurdity.wordpress.com/ Said:  So good, you’ll drop to your knees. **Apply liberally to wombs post-event.

Sure i got an extra cigarette right here for you!    Yes of course it’s a lite cigarette!

http://lafemmeroar.wordpress.com/ Said:  Don’t blow smoke in my mouth

http://guapola.wordpress.com/ Said:  “No no no, blow and suck mean the same thing here”

http://amorsthoughts.wordpress.com/ Said:  “Smoking Kills” … that’s just a myth!

http://articlesofabsurdity.wordpress.com/ Said:  “Before I go down, you are going to have to filter that.”

Before Proactive!       I’ll take Nipple for 200 Alex!

http://lafemmeroar.wordpress.com/ Said:  I’ve got milk in my zit!

http://guapola.wordpress.com/ Said:  “Do you think I should pop it?”

 http://amorsthoughts.wordpress.com/ Said:  Squeeze here and you might get a surprise

 http://articlesofabsurdity.wordpress.com/ Said:  Can I touch you zit?

Its magic baby!     I’m just a love machine!    Armed and Dangerous!

http://lafemmeroar.wordpress.com/ Said:  One of your hands keeps giving me “the birdie”

http://guapola.wordpress.com/ Said:  “Shiva is also the god of love.”

http://amorsthoughts.wordpress.com/Said:  This way I’ll reach every hole

http://articlesofabsurdity.wordpress.com/ Said:  “Would you tell Susan I like it rough and are those Peter’s hands? If this wasn’t so hot, I’d be really grossed out right now.”

This could be worse, these stitches could be in your ASS!     What part of XXL did you not believe!

http://lafemmeroar.wordpress.com/ Said:  Aftermath of a blow job marathon

http://guapola.wordpress.com/ Said:  “Wear protection – you do not want a cold sore down there!”

 http://amorsthoughts.wordpress.com/ Said:  I take deep throat VERY seriously

http://articlesofabsurdity.wordpress.com/ Said:  That was really a mouthful.

Takes an asshole to know an asshole!          Looks like a preparation H. day!

http://lafemmeroar.wordpress.com/ Said:  De-constipating the job market

http://amorsthoughts.wordpress.com/ Said:  This is how many asses it takes to run an office

http://guapola.wordpress.com/ Said:  “Back! Back from whence you came, Yuppies!”

 http://articlesofabsurdity.wordpress.com/ Said:  “All aboard the StinkHole!”


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