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Rope-A-Dope 1.0

Need to lose 30lbs?  Try sensa FREE*! Ah the wonderful world of marketing. The definition for marketing: The process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service. Now my definition of Marketing: The rope-a-dope, The now you see it now you don’t, The art of manipulation, The technique of making shit smell good. marketing’s job is to convince you that you need, want, must have, or that there is some value in the product or service it is trying to sell. Learn it, study it as you might need to market yourself at some time in your life. Now lets break down the two first lines how i see them. Need to lose 30lbs? This a basic sales tool, to get the targeted consumer to always be saying YES! you want the consumer to get used to saying yes to all of your questions. So that when you get to the end of the sale, typically known as the close of the deal you will be inclined to say yes since you have said it thru out the presentation. And since this is a lose weight product the targeted consumer will always be looking to lose weight. Hence say yes. Got it! Second without actually saying that you will lose 30lbs the ad subliminally implies that you could lose 30lbs with their product. But when you look at the fine print you will see something like this is an average or its possible if you also follow a strict eating plan or exercise program. Now the second line. Try the product FREE*! Here is where they hit you with their get out of jail free card the Dreaded ASTERIX SYMBOL! Look around some where in the ad you will see the asterix symbol again and this time it will be full of disclaimers where you will find out that free is not really free. Definition of free: Costing nothing; Gratuitous, free! There will be some sort of shipping and handling charge or that you must enter into some sort of membership, or buy something else to get this product or service free. UNDERSTAND, PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION TO EVERY PART OF AND AD OR PRESENTATION. MARKETING IS HOPING TO ROPE-A-DOPE YOU INTO THEIR DEAL. DONT FALL FOR IT. I know nothing about sensa, i have no comment on sensa. It is just an ad i saw on-line and i am using it as an example. Look at it for yourself and i bet you will find a shit load of disclaimers!


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