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Another Bitch Ass Man!

Please be prepared, This video is very hard to watch, it involves a vicious whipping of a 16-year-old girl.

Son of a bitch I am so full of rage and anger. I am shaking and nauseous. Once again a bitch of a man who is nothing more than a punk ass predator and abuser takes advantage of a weaker and smaller person who can not defend herself against his mental and physical abuse. Here is a man who is a father only by sperm. No real man, No real father would ever discipline his child with such force let alone abuse them like this. And spare me your attempts to justify his actions by saying shit like, maybe he is not educated or is having a tough life financially or has a drug and alcohol problem or what ever other excuses your feeble pathetic mind can think of. Fuck you if you see this video and you try to justify it in any way. Because this is a well to do JUDGE!  And his name is WILLIAM ADAMS a county court-at-law judge from Texas. Understand that not only is his daughter 16 years old but she also suffers from cerebral palsy and this beating is not because she is pregnant, or a serial killer, or set the house on fire NO, it is because she down loaded music when she was told not to. Holy shit what the fuck is wrong with this world. My first problem is his statement below. How pathetic!

In an interview with a local news affiliate, Judge Adams responded to questions about the video and the claims of his wife and daughter.

“In my mind, I haven’t done anything wrong other than discipline my child after she was caught stealing,’’ he said. “I did lose my temper, but I have since apologized. It looks worse than it is. There is a story. It will come out in due time.’’

My second problem is that people are already justifying it, Attorneys are ready to offer excuses for him and this is not an outrage. The media should crucify him, The justice system should punish him. And also lets not forget the wifes involvement. Although if you dig deep inside yourself you might be able to reason it a little. Go here to see the interview on the Today show. http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/45146961/ns/today-today_people/t/daughter-beating-video-why-i-released-it


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