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Champions of the WORLD!

Champions of the WORLD! Common MANNNNN it never gets old this WINNING thing! The NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS started this BLUE VORTEX of Death back when they beat the shit out of those Bitch ass Jets not knowing that it would consume the entire football world. 1st it sucks the football life out of those COWGIRLS before moving to those angry birds of Atlanta. After clipping the wings from those silly birds it heads up to colder weather where they feasted on some 15-1 Cheese Heads and totally took apart the NFL’S MVP Aaron Rogers. The BLUE VORTEX then set course for the number one defense in the NFL. After a knock down drag out fist fight the NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS took the NFC title and headed for Indianapolis to meet and destroy the legacy of one Tommy Girl and his punk as coach Billy the horrible BEli-CHICK. Man do I love me some football and the BIG BLUE NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS. And now that the season is over I will get back to some serious breaking it down, so hang on tight it is going to be a bumpy ride. You know I am the most interesting man in the world (stay thirsty my friends) and now I have a Super bowl championship, A Grammy nominated follower (Linda Chorney) Beautiful, Amazing, Smart, Strong WOMEN followers. Smart, tough,Real MEN followers. And Patriots fans that are followers who are CRYING IN THEIR BEER! Come Get Some! hA, hA, COULD NOT HELP IT! NOTHING BUT LOVE…….


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Come on MAN! Did you have any doubts? Last week they simply took apart the cheese heads in their own house. Punishing Aaron Rogers at every turn, over powering their offensive line and embarrassing their defensive line. So how could you doubt that they would not destroy the 49ers? This is N.Y. FOOTBALL baby! Smash mouth, school yard bully I’m gonna take your heart FOOTBALL! Add to that the BLUE VORTEX OF DEATH and the 49ers had NO chance. Bring on those bitch ass patriots and their bullshit coach Beli-CHICK because we are about to kick some serious ass!


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Yea! i read your’e shit! .2

Stoopid HouseWives = Great site / You not reading and following this site = You Stooooooopid!  This is one straight Gangsta and powerful site with a cult like following of rabid fans and Haters. Why do I call this site Gangsta? Because they pull no punches when it comes to shouting out those silly housewives franchises with inside scoop and dirt. They get up all in their faces with photos and videos. I have not ever even seen a single episode of any of the housewives shows but I am hooked on this site. (On the down low of course cause Gangsta’s like me don’t pay attention to this shit). Why do I call this site Powerful? Because they F**k’n are!! I get on average 10 hit’s per day JUST from being on their blogroll and when they actually recommended one of my post – it received over 600 hits in only 12 hours! And over 1,500 in the last few months. So you see in my little world they are pretty BAD ASS! So go read their shit already…

Lafemmeroar:  No I did not mis-spell it.  No I have no idea how you pronounce it. Is it french or just dyslexic?  WTF I have no clue! What I do know is how funny and kool it is and how quickly it has gained popularity (of course it’s because I discovered her! I think I was one of her very first followers. I’m probably lying, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! I also came up with the name B.A.D.CLUB) ( bad ass dudes) To try to fend off her wildly popular CRAZY CHICKS CLUB! She also has a great question of the week or month or get to know you better or some shit like that series that gives women more opportunity to talk and talk and talk.  Bottom line is if you are a woman, you should be in her club and if you’re a dude you should at least check out this site so you can  gather some intel.  O-Yea one more thing she has a fascination with schlongs and cooking them or cutting them up. so when I read her site I wear a schlong protector. You have been warned. Ha Ha this was fun!

***My fellaz I will get to you guys in my next set im just seating the women so they can have a front row view to our GREATNESS! and Lizzie you also will be in my next set, I’m just waiting for my restraining order against you to be approved because I think you a little dangerous. Kidding I’m just stupid and having some fun. (please don’t kill me)

Wellshutmymouth:  Yea I know what you are thinking, Yea boy here we go Pete’s gonna break down a porn site!  No dumb asses get your mind out of the gutter!  This place belongs to my dear Miss Sassy who is an absolute joy to read. Yea I discovered her also just like Linda. I was instrumental in getting her Grammy nominated you know! (starting to see a delusional pattern developing here)  Here is her latest post  See what I mean she is out of control. and so is her site. In just about 6 months she has over 325 followers and close to 500 facebook likes. She’s from Texas so you know why her mouth is so big – everything is bigger in texas. She is madly in love with her man Mr. H and has a son she calls B. I guess the family is poor and can’t afford full names? So maybe we hold a fund-raiser for her down the road. Go check her out and let me know what you think.

PDWMS:  This is one of my PRO’S. Here we go again NO it’s not about porn, she is not a working girl. Wait, Wait Pump the brakes. Wait a minute come to think of it she is a working girl, A hard-working, business owning Accountant. Don’t stop reading and skip to the next review. Thinking that this is a boring site with a stick up the ass accountant talking numbers. It is far from it. And yes I can say stick up the ass and not be disrespectful because she herself in her welcome page lets you know that after the 15th she herself pulls it out and the party is on! Women will love her because her only purpose in life is to rebuild MEN. Dont know why we need rebuilding because I think we are already perfect! Maybe it’s because she is a Magna cum laude, 3 college degrees holding, poker playing, Paris trained at cordon blue cook, and attention whore, who lives in snooty Simi valley california. You know she is loaded. Her name is Paula D. Williams and she probably got her money from divorcing  Billy D. Williams and is the sister of    Wendy Williams. Ha, Ha I just made that up but it rhymes and you know I’m an inspiring rapper, Yea Boooy! Oh shit this sounds rough I know but I swear I took it from her about me page and just spun it for some laughs. She knows I love her, she is so kool and fun! Go check her out and tell her I KID, I KID!  My dudes you need to read her site so you can see what crazy women think about us and will better be able to watch your backs.  **P.S. tell the truth, she looks like a fine hot ass version of Oprah. right, right call me back let me know!** ON A SERIOUSE NOTE:  This is what I am talking about when I say believe in the greatness that is you, here is a strong, INDEPENDENT, woman who is happy in her life and has fed her soul!!!

Coupletastic:  Ok now I have to get serious because I think this women is a doctor and a professional (HOT looking) couples counselor and I might need her services in the near future, if I keep messing with people here on W.P. and they complain to my wife and she beats my ass! Plus Kristin, Yea that’s her name. Also has a master’s degree in psychology so I’m scarred of her, she might do one of those reverse psychology things on me and I’m f’d up enough already on my own thank you very much. On a serious note: Her site is full of great resources and great advice. I hope to team up with her in the future as she has similar views on marriage and relationships as I do. And after all the joking and fun my true goal is to inspire and believe in the greatness that is you!

** Please click thru and follow some of these great sites!  So i don’t feel like the 200 hours it took me to write this shit was  a waste.  And would it kill you to like this post or leave a comment?


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I don’t LOVE my WIFE!

NO I don’t love my wife, “I am IN LOVE with my wife!!” My friends let’s get this straight, if you are not IN LOVE with your committed partner then you need to put in some serious overtime into your relationship. I love sports, I love ice cream, I love coffee, I love my children, my parents, my granddaughter, my dog. But when it comes to my wife, I don’t just love my wife, I am IN LOVE with my wife. I gotta be honest, I just don’t get it? Your wife or your husband has to be your confidant, your best friend, your lover! The one person you can share your dreams, your aspirations, and your fears with. Basically they are an extension of your soul. So how can you just love them? how can they not take your breath away? You consider yourself the SHIT don’t you? You’re the MAN or the WOMAN so the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with had to be the finest-hotest dime piece on the planet. They made you smile and happy when ever they came around, your knee’s would get weak and your heart pounded in your chest. You could not wait to touch them, to hug them, to kiss them and to show them off and brag about them to your friends and family. SO  WTF HAPPENED? When did you JUST start to love them? Think about it and talk about it. Now back up and get your hands off that key board. I can feel the heat from your hate coming from my screen. Talkin about, there goes Mr. breakitdowwwnnnn preaching to me bragging about how perfect he is, how great a husband he is and how his wife is a saint, Yada, Yada,Yada, Blah, Blah Blah. Being all negative and defensive. No I am doing no such thing and if you have read my post for any length of time you already know that. I know that a committed relationship is incredibly hard work and our first ten years were unbelievably difficult because we were so young and immature but we fought on. What I have grown to understand is that I have always been in love with my wife and she with me and we have both worked hard to keep each other in love with each other. I can get in-depth in another post on how my wife works to treat me like a man and her husband and how I treat her like a woman and my wife to keep us in love. But for now I still don’t understand how you can not be head over heals in love with your partner. How you can not Brag about them and show them off, protect them, encourage them, respect them. Shit I don’t know? now I’m just rambling on. You tell me if I’m wrong. I can take it.   ****quick update****Check out this post – Things i know to be true and let me know what you think? I want her to feel welcome into our Blog Fam….

I love this version of this video because it conveys the passion that is being so IN LOVE with your partner that the thought of losing them will crush you and every day it will rain. Play it in full view and play it loud so you can see how intense and powerful Bruno Mars sings this song.

amazing lyrics.
“If you ever leave me baby, leave some morphine at my door, Cuz it would take a whole lot of medication, To realise what we used to have  we don’t have it anymore.
There’s no religion that could save me, no matter how long my knees are on the floor.(ooooh) so keep in mind all the sacrifices I’m making, to keep you by my side, and keep you from walking out the door
[Chorus] Cuz there’ll be no sunlight, if I lose you baby. There’ll be no clear skies, if I lose you baby and Just like the clouds pass, my eye’s would do the same, If you walk away, every day it will rain, rain, rain.

Directed by: Phil Pinto & Bruno Mars.


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Scientist have discovered an unexplained phenomenon happening over Giants stadium in the east coast of the united states and have scrambled the military. Breakitdownpete news is reporting unconfirmed reports of the loss of two NFL teams and their seasons! Eye witnesses are reporting that the New York Jets and the Dallas Cow Girls were seen entering the Giants stadium talking shit and flying high with dreams of entering the playoff’s when all of a sudden their seasons, dreams and sniffling bitch ass fans were sucked into a black hole of season ending misery by the  Blue Vortex created by the god sent New York GIANTS. Have fun golfing bitches!!!!! Breaking News: Warnings have gone out to the Atlanta Falcons and the rest of the league. It seems that this Blue Vortex is mobile and could affect other stadiums were the Giants will play!


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I got it like THAT!

O-YEA! just received my SIGNED double album from the newly GRAMMY nominated LINDA (me so) CORNEY. Thanks LIN. you the man! Best of luck even though you don’t need it because the album is amazing. And you are a sweet and genuine person who has worked her ass off! Thanks for treating your fans right and adding the personal touch of signing my copy. Yes you read it right! It says BREAK IT DOWN PETE YOU F.N. ROCK.Go here and see all the nominees including Linda at BEST AMERICANA album.

There’s a reason why I have featured Linda a few times now and why I support so many of my W.P. friends and why I am working on featuring so many more. It’s because she is a 50+ year old who has been on her grind for years and has not given up on her dreams. And what I want for every soul in the world especially our young. To be positive and believe in the greatness that is YOU!


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Yea you heard me I called them COW-GIRLS!  My main man, the comeback kid, the best 4th quarter touch down throwing of all time with 15 count them 15- 4th quarter touch down passes. Cool as ice, my quarter back is better than your quarter back  ELI the magician Manning Bitch slapped your Tony Simpson oops I mean Romo upside the head and did not get a roughing the quarter back penalty because I told you he is a magician! ohhhh how sweet it is to go into a stadium with 100,000 fans in attendance and the home team is ahead of you, all cocky and knowing that if they beat you, you are out of the playoffs and instead with 5 or so minutes to go in the game and you are down by 12 points you pull down their pants to expose them as little school girls then leave them sniffling in the post game press conference. Oh I love this time of the year and my BIG BLUE MACHINE! Let me break down the last few minutes of the game for you as I saw it! The ice man Eli drives the GIANTS down the field, eats up the clock before giving the ball to Jacobs who plows thru the Cow Girls defensive line like he owns them, like they owe him money, like they are a rented mule. For a TOUCH DOWN! Now because we are the beast from the east we then shove a 2 point conversion down their throats to go up by a field goal. Now to really mess with their sniffling fans we let them come down the field to within field goal range. Where we act like school yard bullies and call a time out just as bailey kicks a good field goal, but because we called a time out before the snap it is called back. Now during the time out Baily is so scared the he shits in his pants and that load of shit in his pants shifts his weight causing him to kick the next attempt low where my main man Pierre blocks it and sends the fan home crying in their beer! Yea boy! Come on Cow girl fans bring it don’t let me talk shit to myself!!!


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Yea – i read your’e shit!

There is such an amazing wealth of talent in the blogosphere. You can spend hours laughing or crying or ranting and throwing shit at your screen. You can get informed, educated, inspired or you can just zone out in amazement at how fucked  up other people’s lives are. I follow and read some amazing sites that I want to share with you for FREE! Because I am a wonderous soul, A handsome super genius of a man. A super man among meer mortals. I have never farted. My shit does not stink. My feet smell like roses. I am THE MOST INTERESTING MAN ON EARTH. Are you inspired, informed or educated yet?  Ha, Ha I’m just an old fool whose family treats him like a mushroom. (you know keep me in the dark and feed me shit all day). Ok back to the post before my meds wear put. This will be a continuing series, I will tell you in groups of 5 who I read and why so that you can decide if they have some thing of interest for you. If so then click on their photo and go and check them out. If you are one of the sites I follow; be very afraid right now because I have no idea what I might say about you!

You know how famous or important people like to name drop other famous people so they can make themselves look more interesting? No you don’t? Well I do because I am on a first name basis with a bona fide Grammy nominated singer, song writer and F-BOMB slinging diva LINDA CHORNEY. What up LIN! I can call her that cause we kool like that. As you can see she has a professionally designed web site and blog so she is probably loaded, you know in the billions. But she is as real, raw and down to earth as you can get. She has a pretty cool husband also, I will talk about him behind his back later. Her site goes off in a hundred directions. Some times she’s funny,some times she is just pissed at the world. So be careful with your comments because she WILL get in your ass! I think she drinks the Koolaid but that’s ok don’t hold it against her. She travels around the world. Has pictures with the Boss (Bruce) and is in love with Sir. Paul. I think she even sniffed the seat where he once sat after seeing him in the park. Well worth your time to check her out. And after you follow her you can do some name dropping of your own. But don’t call her Lin cause you don’t got it like that!



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With a little help from my friends

I started this blog with a simple goal;   “My goal is to educate the youth. To encourage them to believe in their full potential. To help them recognise whats positive in their lives. To offer a voice and a platform for those who are suffering in silence from homophobia, bigotry, bullying, fear or just simply lost without direction and no one to speak to. I want to help stop the mental and physical abuse against women and children” Why now? As many of you my incredible readers and contributors already know, I am the father of 3 daughters, I have been married for 35 years to the same amazing woman, I was raised by a loving mother and  now have a 5-year-old granddaughter. (all women all the time, my entire life) So you see I have always been Pro-Women, Pro-Children and Anti-Hate. Why now? Why start this site in the last year? I have always been encouraging, teaching, motivating and breaking it down on a smaller, personal level with those around me. Then as many of you already know last year i suffered a traumatic brain injury and was knocking on death’s door. But thankfully nobody was home to answer so here i was recovering for almost a year and thinking how I had not contributed enough to life and how I believed that i was not worthy of the second chance at life. While recovering and stuck in my room for months on end I started to go on-line and just read news stories and endlessly research WEB MD for answers to why me! What I found was some amazing support groups. That led me to some amazing people who had personal blogs that i read and found comfort, and insite and answers to some of my questions and fears. Holy shit Batman, you Old Ass, Dumb Ass shit for brains how come you don’t know about this Blog shit! What the fuck there chuck this is how you can help and pay it forward. This second chance shit! So I started typing simply hoping and believing that if a few people found it and read it that it would be worth doing. What I did not know was how many people would read it and how many amazing friends I would meet and how many would contribute with their comments, life experiences and teachings. People like

Bottom line: I could STOP writing now and be extremely satisfied. Because if you are a young person or some one depressed, lost, lonely, in a great marriage, poor marriage or what ever! You can simply go to any of these sites and laugh or cry or rant or smile or get professional advice or join the crazy chicks club or get your ass handed to you if you mess with Linda or Greyson jack or laugh at those Stoopid Housewives. This is some crazy shit, I wrote all this crazy dribble because i was moved by some of the comments on my (Because You Are Bitch) post and i wanted to share some of them with you. So here they are. Hope you enjoy them. And if you do enjoy this site, Then please pass it along, promote it and lets see if we together can help someone out there who needs a shoulder from some friends to lean on!

Abuse, abusive relationships… It’s so easy to dish out advice unless you are living it or have lived it.
It’s never as simple as “get up and get out” if only…
Anyway Im not in the mood to say anymore… Subject is too close to home for me… Another time maybe…
But stop saying get out… Coz do u know anyone that got out coz he/she was told to… No never… They don’t … They can’t… It takes more than that… A lot more… A helluva lot more…

Submitted on 2011/10/11 at 7:44 pm | In reply to Aneesa.

AWESOME! Thank you. Please, Please, Please i only replied so seriously because i felt your pain and anger and i did not want to be responsible for causing it. I wanted you to know that i do not take the subject lightly. That it’s probably nearest to my heart and this is why the blog exist to bring awareness to it and to find people like yourself to offer opinions and life experiences and maybe some one can be helped. I really enjoy your blog it shows how creative and artistic you are. Please join me and contribute your voice to any conversation that we have here. It’s not all gloomy we have some fun also.

Submitted on 2011/10/10 at 7:05 pm | In reply to Aneesa.

Honey, he just wants to see people living happy and not abused. He’s not being judgmental, he intents to convey his frustration (I think) as to how horrible it all really is and it’s (as you know) all over, It’s so sad, it’s horrible. I was in an abusive relationship when I was younger, 21 through about 23 years old and I left. I understand that it’s difficult to leave these situations, and I understand how difficult it may be to support a person who is in one.

Honey, I wish I had the magic words to get through to a person who is involved in these types of relationships to make them leave. This is what Pete is kinda saying too. (sorry Pete not trying to speak for you) This is a very sentitive topic. I like his strong stand on it because I’ve been there and it’s unacceptable. It’s not okay … Come’er honey (((( HUGS ))))

 Submitted on 2011/10/10 at 8:02 pm | In reply to breakitdownpete.

The emotional scars never go away… They stay forever like open wounds seeping blood and ooze…

It’s ripped our family apart. Even years on the accusations fly left right and centre.

I did write something on it one day as I didnt want to write about the abuse but more off the effects of how routine and mechanical it becomes.

You made some very good points in this post, one thing I appreciated was that you acknowledged leaving is easier said than done. Surprisingly society in general is not very understanding or compassionate towards the victim, especially if the victim goes back. .

I used to think I would never allow any man to abuse me; because I had never been there I didn’t understand why “women” didn’t just leave. What people don’t realize is that (as you said) the abuse starts small, it can be subtle and insidious. By the time the victim even realizes they are in danger they have lost so much of their independence and their support system that they feel helpless.

People may mistakenly believe it is dependent needy women with low self esteem that get sucked into the web of the abuser. But often it is the exact opposite, the independent woman presents a challenge and the abuser has to be very cunning and devious to ensure they control the victim.

If the victim does leave the abuser will try anything, say anything to get them back, they will apologize, admit they were wrong, promise counseling, threaten, cry, and become the sweet passive guy they were in the beginning.

I cover the signs and types of abuse in my blog in-depth, because at 43 I got involved in an abusive relationship and I, like you want to shake people, scream, make them understand that it is a very complex problem. Just leave can be dangerous advice and “tough love” or withdrawing support because the person went back can put the person’s life in jeopardy .

I had never been abused before, I was a strong independent woman and I stayed/went back for 10 yrs. The abuse got so bad I would probably be dead now if I would have stayed. By the time I left I had no support from my family and was too embarrassed to ask for help from my friends.

The abuse was subtle, there were no black eyes, but he had managed to get me fired, evicted, destroyed my business, sabotaged my vehicle, alienated me from my family so I had NO support system, (my mother and step dad gave him exactly what he wanted` me with nowhere to go), he spied on me, video taped me without my knowledge, broke my phone and.laptop and destroyed any thing of sentimental value to me. I can not explain how twisted this man was or how absolutely mentally and emotionally beaten down I was.

I had given up trying to defend my boundaries, values and feelings in an attempt to find peace because it was just too much work. I credit his sister with saving my life, she came to live with us and she was my staunch advocate, time and time again she reaffirmed I wasn’t crazy, she was my second pair of eyes that confirmed it wasn’t my imagination, she was the voice of reason when he was telling me I was insane and paranoid.
I have been out for 11 months and I am nowhere near healed, the emotional and mental scars go so deep, they haunt my dreams still. Just this week I woke up crying because I had dreamed he was laughing while I cried.
(((((((Aneesa)))))) hugs to you! I feel your pain and understand your frustration, and MC you are such a special person, so kind and wise.
BidPete thank you for speaking out about a very serious problem and sharing your experiences. My son was out of the house when I was involved with this man but he did live with me for a period of time and he tried to defend me and it put him in danger. I didn”t tell him what was happening when I went back because I was afraid he’d either kill the guy or get killed trying. It is a horrible thing for a child to endure, especially a boy. The hatred my son has for the guy is scary.



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