Champions of the WORLD!

Champions of the WORLD! Common MANNNNN it never gets old this WINNING thing! The NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS started this BLUE VORTEX of Death back when they beat the shit out of those Bitch ass Jets not knowing that it would consume the entire football world. 1st it sucks the football life out of those COWGIRLS before moving to those angry birds of Atlanta. After clipping the wings from those silly birds it heads up to colder weather where they feasted on some 15-1 Cheese Heads and totally took apart the NFL’S MVP Aaron Rogers. The BLUE VORTEX then set course for the number one defense in the NFL. After a knock down drag out fist fight the NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS took the NFC title and headed for Indianapolis to meet and destroy the legacy of one Tommy Girl and his punk as coach Billy the horrible BEli-CHICK. Man do I love me some football and the BIG BLUE NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS. And now that the season is over I will get back to some serious breaking it down, so hang on tight it is going to be a bumpy ride. You know I am the most interesting man in the world (stay thirsty my friends) and now I have a Super bowl championship, A Grammy nominated follower (Linda Chorney) Beautiful, Amazing, Smart, Strong WOMEN followers. Smart, tough,Real MEN followers. And Patriots fans that are followers who are CRYING IN THEIR BEER! Come Get Some! hA, hA, COULD NOT HELP IT! NOTHING BUT LOVE…….


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9 responses to “Champions of the WORLD!

  1. And to top it off, the Jets took out a full page Congrats ad in the papers.

  2. Raven of Leyla

    Ok ok…swimming in your beer now!!! I suffered through a nail biting game…ugh, it was looking good for my Pat’s for a while there. I even worried for Mannnnn child when it was looking bad, wondered if he might be calling big bro LOL. Then as I scratch my head wondering what is happening to my boys??? Brady was trying, he WAS! Of course, that poor Wes Welker #83, has been given the Butterfingers…although I shall be sending him the love I am not so certain he will be ‘recieving’ either!!!

    • Whats up Rave! What a game! I had to change my pamper a few times. And Welker has been the man all year, it sucks. Butter fingers bars is just not right but funny. Pitchers and catchers soon. O-Yea!

  3. GO – wait i mean YAYYY YEa HELL yeah!!! GIANTS ALL. THE. WAY!! ok 🙂 I posted a public and LOUD apology in the comments on my side over there BUT I am feeling cooperative so if you like I can do it here too? 😉 (offer may be subject to change at any moment )


    • Ha, Ha, Yes i only accept appologies in bold print on the front page of the New York Times notarized by your great,great,great grandma and reprinted for a full year straight. Don’t forget i can renew the restraining order.

  4. Was there ever any doubt? Congratulations.

  5. …no time for losers ’cause we are the campions….of the WORLD 🙂

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