Come on MAN! Did you have any doubts? Last week they simply took apart the cheese heads in their own house. Punishing Aaron Rogers at every turn, over powering their offensive line and embarrassing their defensive line. So how could you doubt that they would not destroy the 49ers? This is N.Y. FOOTBALL baby! Smash mouth, school yard bully I’m gonna take your heart FOOTBALL! Add to that the BLUE VORTEX OF DEATH and the 49ers had NO chance. Bring on those bitch ass patriots and their bullshit coach Beli-CHICK because we are about to kick some serious ass!


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21 responses to “N.Y. GIANTS WIN!!!!

  1. Hello dear, Congratulations! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, check it out here: http://allaboutlemon.com/2012/02/06/whew-more-versatile-blogger-awards/
    Enjoy and have fun 🙂 You deserved it!


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  3. People in the know understand it was the New York Giants who ripped that veneer of invulnerability away from the Patriots four years ago. It would be apropos if the Giants were the ones to send the Patriots out to pasture for once and for all.
    I’d wish your guys luck, but like you said…they don’t work on luck.

    • Preach on brother! No luck needed when you have the pass rush we do. If JPP has a good game, Tommy Girl is in big trouble. Right now i feel like we have too many weapons for any team to handle. And a steady battle tested Q.B. Pats, advantage = Head coach, Q.B. / Giants everything else! Side note; Payton to the fish? your thoughts?

  4. Well, I didn’t really want the Giants to win but I guess it doesn’t really matter since my Patriots won and they are going to kick their ass. At least I know it will be a good game and not some crack pot of a super bowl. Personally, I am not sad the Packers lost, although my Dad was pissed. I hate the cowboys and don’t really care for the Niners. But, the Giants scare me a little and I really want my Pats to win! It will be a great game!

    • Great game YES. 9’ers suck and the Cow girls suck more. And call me when you wake up from your little delusional dream because Tommy girl Brady is the one who will be getting his ass kicked.

  5. I am not an Eli fan (Peyton fan yes), but I sure was glad to see the NY Giants pound the smugness out of those fudgepackers (my teams arch rivals) It’s good to see the Giants back in the big game.

  6. I would love to comment – but I’m not allowed to :-p
    Cause I love me some good football and some good trash talk too!!!

    • Kiddo why are you showing up in my spam file? P.S. i like your Q&A at the C.C.C SITE! And go ahead and try and trash talk because i dropped the restraining order.

      • 🙂 Yay! thanks 🙂 and as to spam? It seems that somebody thinks i am spam…I’m glad you found me I was feeling a little lost kinda takes the hot outta my air to be just another piece of meat. And I am a lady I don’t talk trash – except about football!!
        🙂 pEACE

        • NO WAY YOU ARE SPAM, your comment went to spam! We know you are a wonderfull LADY! But you got some shit talking in you, don’t play yourself. You know you are bad ass when you need to be.

  7. Raven of Leyla

    I watched all those games and was glad the Giants got it. On the edge of my seat for both games 😀 I wanted the Giants to go to Super Bowl vs Patriots!!! Yes, I want a rematch of 2007…my Patriots are gonna take those Giants DOWN!!! 😆 I will be thinking of you;)

    • Ohhhh snap! I am really excited that i have some football fans now that i can go back and forth with. Let the (good natured shit talking start) They have medication now that can help you deal with being Pats fans you know!!

      • Raven of Leyla

        Hey…Game on Today!!!
        My Patriots are gonna rock over those Giants….LOL
        Would you like a bandaid for your wounds or a tissue for the tears?

        • I have a very large smile on my face. Thanks! I love it when the little Patriots fans Day dream, it is soooooo cute! Yes a bandaid with a smiley face please. For the giants knuckles that might bleed from PUNCHIMG Tommy Girl in the Face!! MY CHIPS ARE ALL IN ON THE GIANTS, I MEAN THE NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS!!!! I MEAN THE SUPER BOWL WINNING NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS!! 27-17 ** IF YOU PATS FANS CHECK IN DURING HALF TIME AND BEG FOR MY FORGIVNESS I WILL CONSIDER IT.**

    • Damn right they are!!!! Bring out the medication because the Giants will need it to help them cope after losing to the Pats!!!!

      • Yes the Giants will bring the medication – PAIN MEDICATION! For Tommy Girls ASS! After JPP, Tuck, Ozi get in that ASS! Tommy Girl is gonna feel like a street walker from being on his back all game long! Giants 27-17!

  8. Anonymous

    I can’t wait for the game, I was routing for the Giants for a rematch of 2007 with my Patriots 😆 I am so happy this is gonna be good!!! Did someone say Super Bowl Party???
    I will think of you when Patriots take the Giants down!!! LOL
    Raven ;):D

    • Ahhhhh hell yea! Come get some! I love it! I have been talking shit by myself for a few weeks now since the Falcon, cowgirls, cheese head, and 9’er fans are weak ass bitches. But here we go the Beli-CHICK babys and Tommy-Girl groupies are making some noise!

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