Scientist have discovered an unexplained phenomenon happening over Giants stadium in the east coast of the united states and have scrambled the military. Breakitdownpete news is reporting unconfirmed reports of the loss of two NFL teams and their seasons! Eye witnesses are reporting that the New York Jets and the Dallas Cow Girls were seen entering the Giants stadium talking shit and flying high with dreams of entering the playoff’s when all of a sudden their seasons, dreams and sniffling bitch ass fans were sucked into a black hole of season ending misery by the  Blue Vortex created by the god sent New York GIANTS. Have fun golfing bitches!!!!! Breaking News: Warnings have gone out to the Atlanta Falcons and the rest of the league. It seems that this Blue Vortex is mobile and could affect other stadiums were the Giants will play!


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4 responses to “BLUE VORTEX of DEATH

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  2. Quite the shit stirrer. I personally enjoy that.

  3. I have no rooting interest in the postseason, not since Dan Marino decided to hang them up. But…I am going to GUARANTEE that Rex Ryan will not be having Santonio Holmes over for dinner. And as far as the ‘Boys? I think Jerry Jones is busy trying to book a Brooks and Dunn cover band for the Cow Palace now that football business is done for another season.
    Good luck blue!

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