Yea – i read your’e shit!

There is such an amazing wealth of talent in the blogosphere. You can spend hours laughing or crying or ranting and throwing shit at your screen. You can get informed, educated, inspired or you can just zone out in amazement at how fucked  up other people’s lives are. I follow and read some amazing sites that I want to share with you for FREE! Because I am a wonderous soul, A handsome super genius of a man. A super man among meer mortals. I have never farted. My shit does not stink. My feet smell like roses. I am THE MOST INTERESTING MAN ON EARTH. Are you inspired, informed or educated yet?  Ha, Ha I’m just an old fool whose family treats him like a mushroom. (you know keep me in the dark and feed me shit all day). Ok back to the post before my meds wear put. This will be a continuing series, I will tell you in groups of 5 who I read and why so that you can decide if they have some thing of interest for you. If so then click on their photo and go and check them out. If you are one of the sites I follow; be very afraid right now because I have no idea what I might say about you!

You know how famous or important people like to name drop other famous people so they can make themselves look more interesting? No you don’t? Well I do because I am on a first name basis with a bona fide Grammy nominated singer, song writer and F-BOMB slinging diva LINDA CHORNEY. What up LIN! I can call her that cause we kool like that. As you can see she has a professionally designed web site and blog so she is probably loaded, you know in the billions. But she is as real, raw and down to earth as you can get. She has a pretty cool husband also, I will talk about him behind his back later. Her site goes off in a hundred directions. Some times she’s funny,some times she is just pissed at the world. So be careful with your comments because she WILL get in your ass! I think she drinks the Koolaid but that’s ok don’t hold it against her. She travels around the world. Has pictures with the Boss (Bruce) and is in love with Sir. Paul. I think she even sniffed the seat where he once sat after seeing him in the park. Well worth your time to check her out. And after you follow her you can do some name dropping of your own. But don’t call her Lin cause you don’t got it like that!



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26 responses to “Yea – i read your’e shit!

  1. Haha “whose family treats him like a mushroom.” Thanks for the visit. Great blog idea by the way – people can’t fight the temptation to read something that may or may not be about them . Have you been freshly pressed yet?

  2. Close as a cigah can get . . . I don’t know how it is that your Giants can shake those undefeated Titans to their skivvies. But they do it every time. Good luck manana against the ‘Boys. And best wishes this holiday season to you, Big Man.

  3. The big question is, can the Giants evoke the ghost of Kent Graham today and knock off the undefeated Packers- as they did to the Broncos back in ’98. Despite last week’s debacle, I give them an even shot.

    • No! I’m a 30+ year fan. I have been thru the lean and the great years but this defense has lost its will to win or its is just old and tired. No way Tebow, young should have beat this defense. Drew is the man so i was not upset at that game. And Aaron is almost super human! I will be happy if they stay with in a 20 point loss. Now you my friend should feel good about your fish. They are showing some heart and fight in them!

  4. Oh, Pete. Why’d you burst my bubble? I was really convinced that you’ve never farted and your shit doesn’t stink. Now I bummed. But I’ll still come here when I want to be in the presence of masculine fabulosity 🙂

  5. Damn you Linda Vernon. I thought I was the only one with the name mommy. Of course, that’s what my brown-nosing daughter calls me. I’m pretty sure the boys call me other things under their breath.

    I love people who drink the Kool-Aid. Great stuff, as usual.

  6. Cool. Nominated for a Grammy. Does that mean all the bloggers you follow will also become famous? I mean, you are such an awesome guy and all…

  7. Howdy, well believe it or not, I don’t have much to say. I liked it of course cause you are too funny – did you say that up there? You said a whole bunch of other shit so maybe it was included…;-) I only tease ya cause I love ya lol and it’s free entertainment. Oh and I can., Well I assume I can, and I also I assume that I may. This is coolness putting everyone’s shit, the Kool shit out here for our perusal and enjoyment. I really commented to get it out of my system cause I want to go check this Lady out and – well I don’t need anybody in my ass….Incidentally I was delighted to see that we have something in common – My shit don’t stink either although I do fart BUT I have perfected the art of deflection and denial so noone can pin it on me, kids come in handy as scapegoats and Igot enough of em that nobody thinks I fart. Too much. Yay I can’t wait for the rest and off I gooooooo
    🙂 Peace

    • Holy crap imagine if you had something to say, this comment would be 5 pages long. Funny, funny how! I make you laugh, i amuse you, i’m funny how ? like a clown. P.S. drop the knife that line is from one of my favorite movies. And no its not free, the cost is your great comments. And yes you can and you better! (I have perfected the art of deflection) i need therapy after this visual.

      • And the man of shit that don’t stink to the woman whose shit is also devoid of odor says – Holy Crap! Hahahahahahaha. Ok yeah I noticed that my nothing took up quite bit of room but I decided against pointing it out myself. I am working really hard on impulse control 😉 I managed success this morning by going back to the last post and asking a question. Actaully I’m a little fuzzy on the time frame, maybe I went there first. I am not so much a knife girl although that will do in a pinch, I like my scissors. Nobody sees it coming but I generally leave them at home when I am coming to friendly places. Part of my impulse therapy, I have an overwhelming urge to um get naked and run around when I have them on me. Ok, well, I know a good therapist probably give yo a discount since I already pay for new BMW. 🙂

  8. You’re wacked, I guess that’s why I read you’re blog. I might check out your suggestions. I’m not worried about any comments you’d make about me, my blog is boring as shit. There’s nothing to say. Keep posting your crazy, I need something to amuse me.

    • No not boring as shit, i mean shit is pretty boring, your more on the level of like watching paint dry. My Bad i’m just messing with you. Come on give me a smile. On a serious note we would like to know more about you, you have no about me page set up so it makes your site seem distant.

  9. SOLD! I’m there! That is so cool that you are on a first name basis with such a famous, rich person. I’m not even on a first name basis with my kids, so I’m impressed!

    • Cha-Ching! Yes it would be crazy cool if i actually knew her. And you are on a first name basis with your kids, You have one of the greatest first names in the world – MOMMY! AND I AM THE ONE WHO IS IMPRESSED……

  10. wordsfallfrommyeyes

    You’ve always got heaps going on Break it down Pete! 🙂 You’ve got a great strong vibe. Read your baggy pants seriously? one too, liked it. Noeleen

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