So one of my east coast readers sent me this video on the Pittsburgh Steelers, talking about how we are in steeler nation. And it almost brought a tear to my eye’s. It is soooo CUTE. O.M.G. it’s ADORABLE. Now don’t get me wrong STYX the group is the man and I like the music, but Pleaseeeeeee it hasn’t been steeler nation since the days of the steel curtain when Jack Lambert, Jack Ham, Mike Webster,Lynn Swan,  Franco Harris, Terry Bradshaw ruled the NFL. . Yes i know they have won the most titles with 6. But 4 were with that bad ass hall of fame group and only 2  with this group of drunk driving, long hair wearing dancing with the stars group in the last 31 years and in that same amount of time the Giants have won 3 times. The east coast is BIG BLUE COUNTRY. and we have a few kinda bad ass artist of our own. Oh I don’t know have you ever heard of say… JAY Z!  Now this is how we roll, down and dirty in the streets of N.Y.C. Come get some! Bring it! Now take a look at some real hits!  Ha,Ha Just having some fun you guys, don’t get all serious on me, you know I have much love and respect for you guys. Just doing a little shit talking.


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15 responses to “GO BIG BLUE!

  1. Love this! I’m a GIANTS fan and have never seen this – I don’t really follow rap, but I love it!

  2. iwillnoteatthedarkness

    My best friend LOVES footbal. I mean really loves it. She knows her stats and everything. When football season comes around she starts singing, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year..” with that crazy football-face-grin. Me… I’m more of a boxing girl. I love the Klitchko brothers.

  3. I’m with Lorna. I’m not a sports fan, but I can appreciate a man who is and I certainly love appreciating you! 🙂

  4. A little shit talking never hurt anyone!
    Is that like jive talkin’?

  5. Football? Oh, this is the one where guys in cute, tight little pants chase the other guys in cute, tight little pants up and down a filed. I think there’s a ball involved, too (must be — Duh! — it’s right there in the name). My favorite part is the huddle 😉

  6. I go Miami Dolphins. A habit I picked up as a boy living in Miami. I wouldn’t recommend it to the young kids. Which is why we’re sucking for Luck (at least I hope so).

    • Going thru 16 different QB’s since Marino, does not help. And getting spanked by the Giants next week won’t help either! Ha Ha could not help myself, it must be all those free drinks at your bar!

  7. I came, I saw that this was a post about football, I went “UGH!” and I left this comment to let you know just how loyal a fan I am of YOURS. 😉

  8. Uh, it’s always been and will remain to this day “Steeler Nation”… or “Steeler Country” if you visit one of many Steeler bars across the US. The Iron Curtain Days were just that: the iron curtain days in the 70’s.

    Sorry, but we still got THE best song and videos that are played at the stadium to get the players and fans pumped!!

    Still love your site!!!

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