The fighter-The man

Holly shit Batman, This is a good movie. It’s not so much a boxing movie as it is a movie about family, A movie about perseverance, A movie about love, A movie about drugs and the devastation they cause and the toll they take on life. Christian Bale has never been better as the self-destructive, drug addicted brother (Dicky Eklund) of the main character (Micky Ward) who is very well-played by Mark Wahlberg. Yes the movie is predictable and the fight scenes are ok but the strength of the movie are the characters. You will be hard pressed to find a more dysfunctional family anywhere. No sugar-coating here as to how destructive and abusive they are. And how powerful the family bond is regardless. I love this movie because we all have that one black sheep in our family( hell it might even be me in my family?) and Micky won’t give  up on him or the women he loves and figures out a way to succeed and fight for himself and his family. Very inspirational and a movie you should see.


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2 responses to “The fighter-The man

  1. I recently saw this movie too! Christian Bale was amazing in it. He deserved that Oscar 🙂

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